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Cincinnati Raccoon Removal

At Animal Remover we provide safe, humane, reliable, and effective raccoon removal, trapping, control and exclusion. If you have a raccoon or a family of raccoons living on your property or in your attic we can provide the services to remove them and keep them out for the future. There is no raccoon problem that we can’t handle. Raccoons will chew or tear holes into different parts of your home to gain access into your attic. Once in they will defecate, urinate, cause damage to your attic insulation and birth their kits (baby raccoons). If a litter of raccoons is successfully raised in your home they will return year after year to raise their young. We also repair holes on your home to keep the raccoons out along with a full attic restoration service to clean up the mess they make. We use only the most up to date raccoon removal equipment and techniques to take care of your problem.

Racoon Removal, Trapping & Control in Cincinnati, NKY, Oxford & Dayton

Raccoons are classified as a nuisance animal species due to their habits of living in homes and buildings. The most common complaints include the following:

  • Raccoons living in the attic.
  • Chirping noises coming from attic or chimney.
  • Raccoons living in the chimney.
  • Raccoons on the roof.
  • Raccoons getting into garbage cans.
  • Raccoons eating pet food or bird seed.
  • Raccoons living under the deck or porch.
  • Raccoons living under the shed or barn.
  • Sick, potentially rabid raccoon (active during the day, walking around in circles, moving slowing, climbing up things and falling down).
  • Raccoon presence is alarming to pets.

For these reasons, many people wish to have nuisance raccoons trapped and removed.


(Procyon lotor) Raccoons are easy to recognize with their distinctive black mask and ringed tail. Adults range from 10 – 25lbs, with some reaching over 40lbs. They can live up to 12 years in the wild, though on average they live closer to 5-6 years. For the most part raccoons breed in January, however some raccoons have been known to breed as late as July. They have a gestation period of 60-64 days. The females give birth to 1-6 kits with an average of 4. The mother raccoon is very protective of her babies. Like many mammals, they are primarily nocturnal, though some people spot them during the day, often when they are in search of food sources. Raccoons are omnivores, and will eat almost anything from meats to fruits and vegetables.


Raccoons are very common in urban and rural areas. Raccoons can adapt to live in almost any area. They are excellent climbers, and are very nimble. Raccoons are also very strong, and they often explore new areas, tearing holes open in attics, soffits, roofs, and chimneys in search of food and shelter. Raccoons like to den in trees but due to growing development they now prefer to den in attics.


Raccoons are one of the most commonly dealt with nuisance animals. They can adapt to living almost anywhere. Raccoons have learned that dumpsters and garbage can are available sources of food, and that attics, chimneys, porches, and decks are excellent habitat. Raccoons will chew or tear a hole into an attic where they will defecate, urinate, and cause damage to attic insulation. If you have a raccoon in the attic, it's going to make a big mess. They will search hard for food, and are fond of tipping over trash cans, raiding dumpsters, and stealing pet food. They will often break into a screened-in porch to get pet food. Raccoons carry a numerous amount of parasites and diseases that can affect people and pets - all the more reason to call Animal Remover for raccoon removal.


Raccoons are a common carrier of rabies, a potentially fatal disease. Raccoons also carry canine distemper, which can fatally harm your dog. Raccoon feces may contain raccoon roundworm, the spores of which humans can breathe in and become seriously infected by, so it is important to trap and remove nuisance raccoons if they on your property.


The only proven method for effective raccoon removal is through trapping, habitat modification, and exclusion. Raccoons will not respond to repellents, strobe lights, music, mothballs, or ammonia. We also have one-way doors available a one-way door is a device that we put over the hole of where the animal has accessed the attic. The one-way door will allow the animal to leave the attic but not return. Using one-way doors is generally not recommended due to the fact that the animal will return and try to chew another way into the attic. There are no repellants available on the market that will deter raccoons from living on a property.

We offer Raccoon Removal Services in the following areas:

Cincinnati OH, West Chester OH, Mason OH, Fairfield OH, Oxford OH, Northern KY and SE IN

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