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Wildlife Control Tips: How to Animal-Proof Your Attic

Home Wildlife Control: How You can Prevent Animals from Invading Your Attic

Keeping animals out of your attic isn’t always easy, but a few preventative measures can really help deter it from happening. Today in the Animal Remover blog we’ll talk about some wildlife control tips for keeping those nuisance animals at bay.

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How Swarm Capture Works

Methods of Swarm Capture

When spring rolls around, many overpopulated beehives will send out half the colony to create a new hive on their own. When searching for their new hive, they form a swarm and attach themselves somewhere, usually a tree branch, while scout bees go search for a new hive. Unfortunately, this swarm sometimes ends up in someone’s yard or around their house. If this happens to you, it’s important to contact swarm capture experts like Animal Remover. We come to your location and safely remove and relocate the swarm. But how does swarm capture work? Today in the Animal Remover blog we’ll go over some common methods of swarm capture.

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Why Humane Honey Bee Removal is Important

Why You Should Want Human Honey Bee Removal

Here at Animal Remover, we take humane honey bee removal very seriously. With the bee population slowly recovering, it’s important to continue to spur their growth and ability to thrive. You’ve probably heard how important honey bees are, but do you know why they’re important? Today in the Animal Remover blog, we’ll go into why honey bees are beneficial to us and the environment, and why humane honey bee removal is necessary.

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Animal Removal: What Kind of Mousetrap Do I Buy?

Animal Removal: Types of Mouse Traps

You’ve seen all the signs: gnawed holes in your food containers, droppings along the floor, and squeaking in your walls. Yes, you have mice in the house. So, you go to the store in search of mouse traps, only to be overwhelmed by the options: snap traps, glue traps, live traps, electric traps, poison traps, and the list goes on and on. At Animal Remover, we specialize in safe and effective animal removal. If you are on the market for mouse traps, have no fear, because we’ve outlined some of the pros and cons of the most popular kinds of mouse traps.

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Wildlife Control: What to do with a Feral Cat

Wildlife Control: Trap-Neuter-Return

According to National Geographic, an estimated 70 million homeless cats live in the US. Without shelter and regular access to food or veterinary facilities, feral cats usually reproduce without control, attack and kill wildlife, and succumb to deadly diseases. If you notice feral cats living around your property, there are a few wildlife control methods you could take. Unfortunately, most methods are not effective. You could trap the cat and release it elsewhere, but this method doesn’t impact the feral cat population. You could also call a shelter to remove the cats, but feral cats are wild animals that are not adoptable, so they most likely will be euthanized. Instead of these methods, practice an effective and humane method of wildlife control: trap-neuter-return.

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Preventing Mice: Tips and Tricks from Animal Remover

Animal Remover: Tips to Prevent Mice Infestations

Fall is coming, meaning mice are looking for a warm home to spend the winter. To ensure you don’t deal with any unwanted house guests, take a few precautionary steps now to protect your house from mice. At Animal Remover, we pride ourselves in safe, reliable, and effective animal removal and control, so we understand the importance of protecting your home from wildlife. Follow these tips to protect your home from mice this fall.

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Squirrels in the Attic: Why You Need Attic Restoration

The Importance of Attic Restoration After Squirrel Infestation

If you’ve recently had squirrels in the attic of your home, you may be wondering if you should get attic restoration. After all, the squirrels were removed, right? Well, not quite. When squirrels invade your attic, they cause damage to your home that needs to be fixed immediately. Additionally, they leave behind feces, urine, and microorganisms that can cause harmful disease. At Animal Remover, we understand the importance of restoring your attic after a squirrel infestation. If you’ve recently had squirrels in the attic of your home, here are some reasons why you should look into attic restoration.

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Dead Animal Removal: How to Dispose of a Dead Bird

Dead Animal Removal Tips for Disposing of a Dead Bird

Finding is a dead bird in your yard is a common but unpleasant occurrence. Birds die for many reasons including predatory attacks, succumbing to disease, or even flying into your house. When you find a dead bird, it’s important that you dispose of it properly. One of our specialties at Animal Remover is dead animal removal. To help you next time you find a dead bird in your yard, we’ve listed the steps you should take.

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Practice these Wildlife Control Tips to Keep Birds Out of Your Garden

Wildlife Control Tips: How to Keep Birds Out of Your Garden

Birds can be a welcome addition to your garden. They eat pesky insects like snails, slugs, and grasshoppers, and their chirping provides a relaxing atmosphere when you’re working outside. Despite the benefits birds can provide, they can occasionally wreak havoc on a garden by eating your seeds and crops. To prevent birds from destroying your growing plants, Animal Remover provides some wildlife control tips.

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Wildlife Control Tips for Keeping Snakes Out of Your Home

Wildlife Control: How to Prevent a Snake from Entering Your Home

Finding a snake in your house is always an unsettling sight. Removing a snake from your house can be a hassle. To prevent this situation from occurring, try taking a few precautionary steps. At Animal Remover, we specialize in safe and effective wildlife control solutions. Here, we’ve provided some wildlife control tips that help prevent snakes from ever entering your house.

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