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Wildlife Control: Most Common Summer Nuisance Animals

wildlife control for groundhog in yard

If you’re struggling with summer pests, let Animal Remover help you with your wildlife control needs.

It’s summertime in Southwest Ohio, which means sunny skies, pool parties and barbecues. It’s the time of year when everybody gets together to enjoy the nice weather with family and friends. Unfortunately, we’re not the only ones enjoying the heat.

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Squirrel Removal: What to Do If a Squirrel Gets Into Your Furnace

squirrel removal for squirrel in furnace

If squirrels are causing you trouble, consider calling Animal Remover to help you with squirrel removal.

These adorable little creatures are suddenly not so precious when you find them trapped in your home. Squirrels are considered a nuisance animal because of the damage they can do on your property and in your home, as well as the health risks they pose. In addition to chewing through electrical wiring and creating fire hazards, they can bring in fleas or ticks and expose you, your family, and your pets to health risks such as salmonella. Because of these risks, you may want to consider squirrel removal.

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Why Wildlife Control Specialists Urge You NOT to Feed Wild Animals

wildlife control for child feeding pigeons

If you’re wondering how Animal Remover can help with wildlife control, we have some ideas.

Wildlife control professionals have many reasons for you to refrain from feeding the wild animal population. Many times, people believe that they are helping the wild animals by feeding them, especially in times of heat and drought. They think that they are contributing to the health and survival of the animal. However, unintended consequences occur when this unnatural situation arises.

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Raccoon Removal Tips: How to Tell If a Raccoon is Rabid

raccoon removal for rabid raccoon

If you are having problems with raccoons on your property, consider raccoon removal by Animal Remover.

Raccoons love to create their living spaces in residential areas due to readily available food sources. Great places for raccoons to find food include: pet food left outside, bird feeders, and scraps placed in trashcans.

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Wildlife Control: What Qualifies as a “Nuisance Animal”?

wildlife control for opossum

Some animals are more annoying than others, and you may want to consider investing in Animal Remover’s wildlife control.

Nuisance: noun: an obnoxious or annoying person, thing, condition, practice, etc.

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Mole Removal: Does Mole Repellent Really Work?

mole removal with mole repellant

If you are interested in mole removal and the effectiveness of mole repellant, you want to contact Animal Remover.

Although traps and poisons have been proven effective in mole removal, many people have tried less toxic means of getting rid of the critters.

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Raccoon Removal Tips: How to Raccoon-Proof your Chimney

raccoon removal for chimneys

Chimneys are great hiding spots for raccoons; if you’re having problems with this critter, Animal Remover wants to help you with raccoon removal.

There are strategies for raccoon removal from your home and chimney once they have invaded, but the smartest plan is not to let it happen in the first place. Raccoons are classified as a nuisance species, due to their attraction to setting up residence in your home.

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Bird Removal: Do Plastic Owls Keep Birds Away?

plastic owl for bird removal

If you have unwanted birds around, let Animal Remover help you with bird removal.

The presence of birds is not necessarily something most people think of as a problem. They often roost on ledges, beams, rooftops, and wires. They can be pleasant and even peaceful to watch, until they’re becoming a problem at our homes or places of business. They will live in towers, attics, roofs, and steeples.

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Bat Removal: Do Bats Carry Rabies? (And What To Do If You’re Bitten)

bat removal for bat with rabies

If you have bats around your home, know that Animal Remover is here to help you with bat removal.

Bats, when living in their natural habitat of trees and caves, are actually pretty beneficial, as they eat their weight in mosquitoes nightly; they also eat moths, wasps, beetles, and other insects. Contrary to popular belief, they aren’t aggressive in nature.

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Animal Remover Attic Restoration

animal remover attic restoration

If you’re in need of attic restoration due to invasive pests, Animal Remover wants to help.

If invasive critters have taken up residence in your home, we don’t have to tell you about the damages they can cause. You’ve seen it firsthand. You’ve cleaned it up and dealt with the fear of unsanitary conditions affecting your living space. It goes beyond being a matter of convenience and into being a matter of safety. The aftermath of these furry or feathery freeloaders put you at risk for disease, and they can cost you a lot of money. We’re not talking about the cost of attic restoration; we’re talking about the risk of not repairing and restoring the affected areas.

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