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Wildlife Control Tips: What to Do If There Is a Skunk Living Under Your Porch

Wildlife control service for skunk


If a skunk has decided to take up residence at your home, our wildlife control specialists can help.

Cartoon skunks may look cute and cuddly, especially while singing in a perky French accent, but the reality of a skunk infestation isn’t quite so entertaining. Weighing in at an average of four to 12 pounds, the striped skunk is small enough to squeeze through a hole in your deck or porch, but large enough to be a formidable opponent to a family pet. Skunks are definitely a wildlife control issue which should be dealt with by a professional.

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Bird Removal: Most Common Species of Nuisance Birds

Bird removal for pigeons


We provide bird removal services for the following species – and more!

Bird watching can be an entertaining extracurricular activity, but when these creatures come too close for comfort and begin taking up residence in your home, they become a nuisance. At Animal Remover, we deal with a plethora of bird removal issues, from birds roosting on rooftops to winged critters in chimneys and attics.

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Wildlife Control: The Importance of Property Sealing

Wildlife control property sealing services


Find out more about our wildlife control processes for property sealing.

When it comes to unwanted household visitors, particularly the furry or winged kind, there is really only one way to get them out and keep them out. Wildlife control is a serious matter and requires a trained professional to deal with creatures in a humane and responsible manner. When we use bat, bird, or squirrel removal techniques in the home of a client, we also seal the property to be sure that the critter doesn’t return.

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Animal Removal Tips: What to Do If You Encounter an Aggressive Opossum On Your Property

Animal remover for angry opossum


We provide animal removal services for aggressive opossums.

Opossums range in weight between 10 and 14 pounds, and are generally non-aggressive creatures – although they will hiss loudly when they feel threatened. While they aren’t always as common of an issue as some of their other furry friends, opossums should be dealt with quickly and carefully.

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Why Invest in an Animal Remover Commercial Rodent Control Program?

Animal remover rat trap


Read about the importance and benefits of a rodent control program with Animal Remover.

Rats are a huge nuisance, both to homeowners and commercial real estate ventures. The amount of damage caused by a rat infestation can be outrageous, and unfortunately, where there is one, there are usually many. This is why it is extremely important for business owners to invest in a commercial rodent control program, like the one offered through Animal Remover.

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Bat Removal: Why Your Backyard Pond May Be Attracting Brown Bats

Bat removal for bats near pond


Bat removal may be necessary if your pond is attracting brown bats.

Bats are an important part of the environment and ecosystem, mainly because they can eat their weight in bugs every night. With West Nile Virus haunting us, that’s good news. But that doesn’t mean you want them living in your house.

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Laser Harassment for Goose Management: How It Works

Goose management for Canada geese in pond


Here are the basics of Laser Harassment for goose management.

As a kid, you might have enjoyed feeding the geese bread down at the pond. But now that you’re an adult, Canada Geese aren’t nearly as exciting. In fact, they are an outright nuisance.

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Animal Removal for Snakes: What to Do If You Find a Snake In Your Home

Animal removal for copperhead snake


Don’t wait to call for animal removal services if you encounter a snake at home.

Few things get your blood pumping as fast as finding a snake in your house. Whether it crawled through the drain pipe or under the front door, the effect is equally frightening. Fortunately, one of the best ways to conquer fear is by having an animal removal plan in place. Here are a few steps to take if you ever find a snake in your house.

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Mole Removal: 5 Reasons You Really Don’t Want a Mole on Your Property

Mole removal for mole in yard


Here’s why mole removal is absolutely necessary.

Out in the wild, moles are good for the environment. They aerate the soil and play an important part in the food chain. But in your yards, moles wreak havoc and destroy property. Here are five reasons you’ll want to call Animal Remover for mole removal if a mole decides to make your yard its new home.

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7 Common Commercial Raccoon Removal Problems and Solutions

Raccoon removal for raccoon in trash


Here are some of the most frequent raccoon removal complaints.

Raccoons are masked and wily creatures that can live just about anywhere. They’ve adapted to live in the city, the forest, the mountains, and even the marshes, but one place you don’t want them living is inside your business.

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