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Wildlife Control: When Geese Attack

Wildlife Control: How to Protect Yourself from an Attacking Goose

More often than not geese make excellent neighbors, bringing a natural beauty to any property they inhabit. However, geese can also be extremely territorial in certain situations. Specifically, after the egg-laying season or the “nesting period” geese become extremely defensive of their territory and will go on the attack if they view you as a threat. Often this situation requires a wildlife control service to manage the situation, disrupting the nesting period and potentially orphaning goslings. The attacks themselves should also not be taken lightly, reported injuries from attacking geese include broken noses and broken ribs. Today, Animal Remover would like to discuss how to react in case of a goose attack and what precautions you can take to avoid conflict with our feathered neighbors.

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Mole Removal: How to Prevent Mole Infestation

Mole Removal: Actions to Discourage Mole Infestation

A mole infestation is one of the most common lawn care problems people experience in the US. Many of us put in long hours maintaining a lush green lawn – only to have moles wreak havoc and create unsightly molehills. There’s no mistaking when you have a mole problem as the hills and ruts left by a mole are obvious signs of the damage to your landscaping. Many of us fight this battle every year as moles become more active in the warmer months. Today, the experienced team at Animal Remover has some tips to deter the infestation of moles in your yard. Follow these steps to discourage moles from your yard and save yourself from the headache of mole removal.


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Animal Remover Myth Busting: The Truth About Snakes

Animal Remover Myth Busting: The Truth About Snakes

Are you scared of snakes? Do you shudder when you imagine slimy skin and giant fangs? Or are you confident about them? Do you not worry even a little bit when you hear the distinctive rattle of a rattlesnake, or find something slithering from under a rock in your garden?

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Wildlife Management: Hazards of Birds on Your Business Property

Wildlife Management and the Hazards of Birds at Your Business

Have you noticed more birds hanging around when you arrive for work? Are there geese wandering your parking lot? You might assume that birds hanging around your work property are harmless and there’s no need for wildlife management, but you’d be surprised. Geese, in particular, can be more hazardous than you’d think, and Animal Remover can explain why. As a professional wildlife management company, we have a lot of experience dealing with nuisance birds and know all about the problems they can cause.

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Wildlife Management: Can A Mousetrap Be Humane?

Wildlife Management FAQs: Can A Lethal Mousetrap Still Be Humane?

Having a mouse or rat infestation in your home isn’t just a pain, it’s potentially dangerous too. Rodents leave all kinds of contaminants wherever they go, and a lot of the time you can’t reliably figure out exactly where they’ve been.

Couple this with the potential damage they can do to your food, belongings, and even your property as a whole, and getting rid of them becomes a clear priority. Many people will turn to simple mousetraps available at any major store, but some will shy away from these types of at-home wildlife management solutions.

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Bat Removal Tips: What To Do With a Loose Bat in Your Home

Bat Removal Advice on Tackling a Live Bat in Your Home

Having an infestation of bats happily living in your attic is one thing, but having one fly in through an open window is something entirely different. Professional bat removal from Animal Remover will definitely take care of your persistent bat problem, but a single, terrified (and terrifying) bat flapping around your living or bedroom is a little more immediate.

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Animal Remover Myth Busting: Are Mice Blind?

Animal Remover Busts the Myth of Mice and Eyesight

There are plenty of myths out there about infestations, and the kind of animals that will typically infest a residential or business property. At Animal Remover, we have enough experience and expertise in wildlife control to dispel some of these myths, however large or small they might be. When it comes to home infestations, it’s important to know the real facts about the animals you’re finding in your house so that you know how to deal with them.

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Wildlife Control: Keeping Rodents Out of Your Fireplace

Wildlife Control Tips for Keeping Rodents Out of Your Fireplace

Animal Remover are wildlife control professionals, providing expert animal removal services for infestations of raccoons, squirrels, birds, skunks, snakes and much more. Plenty of people have experience with mouse and rat infestations, but fewer people have open fireplaces and chimneys in their home.

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Squirrel Removal: Should You Tame Wild Squirrels?

Should You Tame Wild Squirrels? Why Squirrel Removal Is Important

At Animal Remover, we do everything we can to apply the most humane methods possible to safely capture animals that have made your home theirs. Squirrel removal is a pretty typical job for the Animal Remover team, but some people have a different method of squirrel removal: taming them.

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Animal Remover and Keeping Animals Out of a Crawl Space

Animal Remover’s Tips on Keeping Animals Out of Your Crawl Space

Like it or not, your home is full of unseen places where small animals like to reside. Whether it’s rodents, snakes, bats, or something else, Animal Remover has the expertise to remove them. A crawl space is a prime area for animals to make into a home. If your home or property has a crawl space that you’ve neglected since you moved in, then chances are you already have something living in it. Animal Remover is always ready to help you with professional animal removal, but there are a few things you can do to treat and protect your crawl space from an animal infestation.

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