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Squirrel Removal: Property Damage Concerns

Squirrels can cause extensive amounts of damage – request squirrel removal to avoid a hefty bill for repairs.

Squirrels may seem small, cute, and harmless but in reality, they can actually cause hundreds or thousands of dollars in property damage to your home or business. Squirrel removal is absolutely necessary if you find one (or several) squirrels living inside your home or business. Avoiding the issue will only result in major issues down the road.

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Raccoon Removal: Why Raccoon Repellent Doesn’t Work

can of repellant for raccoon removal

The experts at Animal Remover explain why raccoon repellant doesn’t work.

Raccoon removal is an extremely common request for many wildlife control companies. Since Raccoons can adapt to living just about anywhere, they are apt to settle down in your attic, under your deck, or anywhere within close proximity of a constant supply of food. Raccoons are very strong climbers, can cause extensive amounts of damage, and will often return to your attic the if they have successfully raised their young there previously.

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Animal Removal During the Springtime

animal removal for baby raccoons

Spring is almost here and animal removal can become more complex during this time of the year.

In the springtime, many mammals awake from their winter hibernation and flocks of birds return from their yearly migration to the south. As Mother Nature awakens, the spring is filled with a flurry of animal activity and that means a couple of things for homeowners and animal removal companies like Animal Remover:

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Bat Removal: Why You Should Worry About Bat Mites

Bat removal isn’t just necessary for your sanity, but also for your health. Learn more about bat mites and why you should be concerned about them.

Bat removal is the most difficult of all animal removal jobs but unfortunately, it’s not something you want to put off. In addition to serious nuisance concerns and damage to your property, bats can also carry a number of diseases. These include Rabies, Ebola, Hendra, Marburg and Nipah – all of which are incredibly dangerous to humans. In addition to these diseases, bats are also carriers of bat mites, also known as “bat bugs.”

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What Every Homeowner Should Know About Bird Removal

bird removal for home with dozens of birds on roof

Recognizing these bird habits can prevent birds from roosting in your attic but if it’s too late, call Animal Remover for professional bird removal.

Birds are a beautiful part of nature and many people enjoy watching them thrive in their natural habitat. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to invite birds onto their property – home to multiple bird feeders fully stocked with sunflower seeds, cracked corn, and other delightfully tasty treats that birds love. But what happens when those birds get out of control and decide to make your home their own?

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Protect Your Business with Commercial Wildlife Control

Wildlife control can help keep a business safe and appealing.

The maintenance and upkeep of a business has a strong impact on customers, employees and investors. In many cases, a bad first appearance can result in a loss of business revenue. Unfortunately, sometimes raccoons, rodents, bats, Canada geese and other birds will decide to make a business their new home and as a result, that business will suffer. Wildlife control services can help keep animal pests at bay while protecting the good reputation and appearance of your business.

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Animal Remover Tips: Responding to Wild Animals at Home

Animal Remover raccoon removal

So you’ve found a wild animal living in your home – now what? Animal Remover can help.

If you’ve discovered a wild animal living somewhere inside your home, you’re no doubt surprised, worried and confused. Although this situation isn’t all that uncommon, you may have never expected it, nor know how to handle it. Animal Remover has dealt with all kinds of nuisance wildlife situations and can properly advise you on what to do if you find a wild animal in your home.

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Dangers of Waiting to Request Animal Removal Services

bird droppings due to lack of animal removal

Animal removal should be requested immediately if you discover a nuisance pest living in your home or business.

Procrastination is something we all struggle with at times, whether it’s continually putting off that garage organization project or neglecting to take down the Christmas lights. But if you discover a gaggle of Canadian geese has officially taken over the pond on your business property, you need to request professional animal removal services immediately. If you put off making that phone call or choose to avoid the problem all together, the consequences could be severe. Here are just a few of the possible outcomes that may occur if you neglect to remove nuisance animals from your home or business property.

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The Importance of Cleaning Your Home After Bird Removal

professional cleaning after bird removal

Don’t skimp on the cleaning after bird removal.

If you find birds living in your attic, you definitely have a cause for concern. Not only do you have to deal with the scuffling and chirping noises coming from above, but the messes they create can be enormous. It’s vital that you have any droppings and nesting materials cleaned up immediately after  bird removal to avoid potentially dangerous or deadly health risks. A professional animal removal service will have the right equipment and protective gear to get the job done thoroughly while also providing preventative products so you never have to deal with it again.

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Animal Remover Tips: How to Protect Your Home from Animal Invasions

family standing in front of house protected by Animal Remover

Preventative tips from the professionals at Animal Remover

The best solution to any problem is to be proactive, especially when it comes to animals getting into your home. Here at Animal Remover, we take pride in our professional animal removal services, but we also want to help you prevent animal infestations rather than just deal with them after the fact. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to prevent animals from finding their way into your home.

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