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Effective mole trapping in the Cincinnati winter months

A question we receive quite often is, "Can you trap moles in the winter?"

A major factor in eastern mole trapping during the winter months is how hard the ground gets. You may see eastern mole damage on your property and when the ground freezes you will notice the damage has seemed to stop. In this case most assume that the eastern moles have left but eastern moles don’t leave due to the cold and they also don’t hibernate. In fact during the winter eastern moles will dig deeper below the frost line to find food and warmer temperatures. Sometimes eastern moles will dig as deep as 18 inches during the winter months. We have even seen eastern mole tunnels popping up from under the snow.

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Why is the price for wildlife control higher than some other similar services like pest control?

Wildlife control unlike pest control is for the most part not a reoccurring service. For instance the pest control company may come monthly or bi-monthly to treat for the particular species of insect that they are dealing with. Where as with Wildlife control the process usually takes less than 30 days. Once the animals are trapped, the damage has been cleaned up, and the holes repaired that's it and your worries are over.

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Random holes or missing soffit

Homeowners will sometimes notice a hole in their siding or pieces of soffit that are falling off of their home and automatically they attribute this damage to weather however a lot of times the damage can be attributed to wild animals and it's very important to make sure that you have these areas inspected before you do any type of repairs what so ever.

Reason being, you can lock the animals inside by doing a repair and the animal will frantically try to find their way out. Sometimes consequently chewing another hole somewhere else and creating more damage. This can also lead to the animal chewing through the drywall to make its way into your living space or simply the animal can die inside and it'll will fill your home with a horrible smell. Always call a professional nuisance wildlife specialist to have these areas inspected first before you do any type of repairs.

Searching online for do it your self-resources to resolve an animal issue

With the economy in the shape that it is in homeowners will commonly look to do-it-yourself resources on the Internet for solving animal issues to save money, however sometimes these products and methods can hurt more than they can help.

Products that claim money-back-satisfaction to keep animals away such as sprays, powders, granules, and gels are not effective. The reason these companies offer these money-back-guarantees is simply because most people don't have time to send the products back. Once you pay return shipping and postage the few dollars that will get back in most cases isn't worth it.

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