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Animal Removal and Allergies

Animal Removal: How Common Are Animal Allergies?

The Animal Remover blog has already covered the risks posed by allergies to bee and wasp stings, and the importance of honey bee removal in cases of infestation. But what about some of the other nuisance albums that can overtake your home? How many of these other animals that can invade your home and make it theirs can cause an allergic reaction? Animal Remover takes a look and finds more reasons why professional animal removal is important.

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Wildlife Control: The Danger of Foxes

Wildlife Control and The Danger of Foxes

Foxes are a common source of problems that involve wildlife control. This is especially true in more rural areas where people own livestock, since foxes will do their best to get into chicken coops and other enclosures to find fresh prey. They’ll also get into your trash cans, often tearing into them, sending garbage strewn around your property and increasing the risk of even more wildlife using your home as a convenient eating area.

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Bee Allergies & Honey Bee Removal

Honey Bee Removal: Bee Stings & Allergies

No one likes getting stung by any type of insects, whether it’s bee and wasp stings, spider or ant bites, or any other irritating or painful attack. Unfortunately for some people, stings and bites can result in more than just itching or pain. Animal Remover’s blog is here to be a great resource for information and advice on wildlife control, and we can help you understand why honey bee removal might be more important than you realize.

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Swarm Capture Advice: Finding the Hive in Your Home

Identify the Hive Before Contacting Swarm Capture Services

Having insects make nests in your building is not only annoying, but it can also cause significant damage to your home or business. Honey bees are no different. While bees typically won’t attack humans unless provoked, the hive can damage the walls, roof, and other support structures in a building. Before you can remove the hive, however, you’ll need swarm capture services. The swarm capture and honey bee removal experts at Animal Remover have some tips to help you identify if you have a honey bee hive in your home or business.

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Honey Bee Removal: Understanding Bees

Honey Bee Removal: Understanding BeesHoney Bee Removal and the Types of Bees

Honey bees play an important role in our ecosystems, but when they create their hives in your home or business, they can quickly become a damaging nuisance, leaving you to seek humane honey bee removal services. In order for the honey bee removal specialists at Animal Remover to efficiently and humanely remove hives from homes and businesses, they must have an understanding of the structure of the hive and the bees inside. Today, our honey bee removal specialists are sharing that knowledge on the blog to better understand why it’s important to leave bee removal to the experts.

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Thing to Consider When Hiring a Wildlife Control Expert

Wildlife control removing opossum in animal trap

Wildlife Control Firm versus an Animal Shelter

Unwelcome animal intruders, such as raccoons, squirrels, bats and birds, will find shelter and nesting places where they can, especially when the cold weather hits or during the spring and early summer when babies are on the way. In many cases, it’s the attic of a home, business, resort, or any infrastructure for that matter. They don’t discriminate as long as they feel like it’s a safe place to hide out.

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Who To Call For An Animal Removal Emergency

Animal removal needed for skunk on a wooden board

Animal Removal & Wildlife Control Emergency

You wake up to a commotion in the night that sounds like an intruder breaking into your attic. Panicking, you grab a flashlight and go to investigate only to discover that a family of raccoons has taken up residence in your attic.

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Facts From Your Your Local Raccoon Removal Experts

Raccoon removal needed for raccoon in the grass

Raccoon Removal: Facts You Should Know About Raccoons

Raccoons are fascinating creatures and I personally think they’re adorable. Resembling a mix between a cat, dog, and a baby bear with markings on their face that resemble a masked bandit, they have developed a reputation as a menace.

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Animal Remover Tips: Homeowners Insurance, Animal Damage, and Removal

Animal remover needed for black mouse tearing a hole in the wall

Animal Remover Advice: Homeowners Insurance and Animal Damage

You wake up in the middle of the night to a commotion in your attic. The next day you walk around your house trying to figure out how the unknown intruder may have gotten into your attic, hoping to identify the breed of vermin, only to discover a hole chewed through your side-paneling.

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DIY Methods For Squirrel Removal

Squirrel removal needed for squirrel resting on the side of a house

Squirrel Removal: Do DIY Methods Work?

A squirrel invasion of the sacred space you call home can really disrupt and disturb your quality of living. Believe me, I know, I’ve been there. Earlier this year, I woke up in the middle of the night to sound of something running around in my attic.

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