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Skunk Removal: Preventing Skunks from Entering Your Yard

Keep Skunks Away to Avoid Needing Skunk Removal

Skunks may look cute to some people, but they make the worst kind of stench, tear up your lawn, spray your pets, and dig holes under your porch. They may not scratch or bite your dog or cat in the way that a raccoon might, but they still carry diseases that can harm your pets. If you have a skunk living in your lawn, you should contact Animal Remover for skunk removal. We can relocate them in a humane way. Before you need skunk removal, however, you should take precautions so that skunks have a harder time getting into your yard and under your home.

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Why Does Humane Animal Removal for Birds Matter?

Birds Benefit the Environment and Deserve Human Animal Removal

When birds roost in your attic or get inside your walls, you probably consider them frustrating, annoying, and maybe even stupid, then you call an animal removal service to get rid of them. Some people want to set traps or even kill the birds nearby to keep them from building nests in their home. Some remedies to keep birds away and to perform animal removal are humane, but any form of animal removal that kills birds should be avoided because birds serve an extremely important place in the world’s ecosystem. In today’s Animal Remover blog, we’d like to take a look at the importance of their role.

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Wildlife Control Questions: Are Toads Dangerous for Dogs?

Wildlife Control: Can a Toad Kill Your Dog?

Most people think of toads and frogs as silly, cute, slimy, or gross, but did you know that they can seriously hurt your pet? These cute, jumpy, oddly slimy creatures do more than just turn to princes when kissed by princesses. It’s actually a common wildlife control problem when your puppy goes in to smooch or bite a wild toad. From a wildlife control perspective, we see toads poisoning dogs more often than snakes or spiders. In this Animal Remover blog, we take a look at toads and what makes them dangerous.

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Wildlife Control: The Most Dangerous Animals for Your Pets

Ask Wildlife Control to Take Remove These Dangerous Animals

You may think wildlife control problems only relate to squirrels burrowing into your attic or moles destroying your lawn. This isn’t true. An experienced wildlife control team like the one at Animal Remover will help you deal with dangerous animals as well. From birds to raccoons to coyotes, the wildlife control team at Animal Remover will take care of those nuisance animals that destroy your property and pose a threat to your pets. But some of the most dangerous animals for your pets my surprise you. In today’s blog, we look at those animals that are most likely to hurt your cuddly friends.

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Raccoon Removal: Keeping Raccoons from Hurting Your Pets

Raccoons Can Hurt Your Pets If You Don’t Get Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are intelligent and sly creatures that live in just about every area of the United States. You can’t avoid them in densely populated urban areas or in rural, woodsy areas. These animals know how to survive, and they do that by getting what they want through their intelligence and aggression. Raccoon removal services are the best way of keeping raccoons off of your property. Although the primary reason for raccoon removal is to keep them from rummaging through your trash and ruining your roof, you also need to protect your pets from these aggressive animals.

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Are Groundhogs Dangerous? Animal Remover

Can Groundhogs Be Dangerous? Animal Remover Answers

At Animal Remover, we take care of a range of different animals that can potentially become a nuisance. One of these animals is the groundhog. Groundhogs are often not associated with the idea of infestations or as being nuisance animals, but they certainly can be if they decide to make their home on your property.

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Animal Removal and Allergies

Animal Removal: How Common Are Animal Allergies?

The Animal Remover blog has already covered the risks posed by allergies to bee and wasp stings, and the importance of honey bee removal in cases of infestation. But what about some of the other nuisance albums that can overtake your home? How many of these other animals that can invade your home and make it theirs can cause an allergic reaction? Animal Remover takes a look and finds more reasons why professional animal removal is important.

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Wildlife Control: The Danger of Foxes

Wildlife Control and The Danger of Foxes

Foxes are a common source of problems that involve wildlife control. This is especially true in more rural areas where people own livestock, since foxes will do their best to get into chicken coops and other enclosures to find fresh prey. They’ll also get into your trash cans, often tearing into them, sending garbage strewn around your property and increasing the risk of even more wildlife using your home as a convenient eating area.

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Bee Allergies & Honey Bee Removal

Honey Bee Removal: Bee Stings & Allergies

No one likes getting stung by any type of insects, whether it’s bee and wasp stings, spider or ant bites, or any other irritating or painful attack. Unfortunately for some people, stings and bites can result in more than just itching or pain. Animal Remover’s blog is here to be a great resource for information and advice on wildlife control, and we can help you understand why honey bee removal might be more important than you realize.

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Swarm Capture Advice: Finding the Hive in Your Home

Identify the Hive Before Contacting Swarm Capture Services

Having insects make nests in your building is not only annoying, but it can also cause significant damage to your home or business. Honey bees are no different. While bees typically won’t attack humans unless provoked, the hive can damage the walls, roof, and other support structures in a building. Before you can remove the hive, however, you’ll need swarm capture services. The swarm capture and honey bee removal experts at Animal Remover have some tips to help you identify if you have a honey bee hive in your home or business.

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