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Dead Animal Removal: Potential Health Risks

Dead animal removal needed for dead mouse on a wood floor

Dead Animal Removal: Health Risks of Dead Animals In the Home

Maybe you’ve started noticing a lingering odor you just can’t seem to bleach away, or perhaps there’s a weird stain on your wall that doesn’t seem to have a logical source. These are typical signs that there may be a dead animal carcass trapped somewhere inside your home. If so, you will need to hire an animal control company for immediate dead animal removal.

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Skunk Removal: A Skunk’s Dangerous Qualities

Skunk removal needed for skunk on a wood board

Skunk Removal: Are Skunks Dangerous?

Skunks may seem relatively friendly but the truth is, they can (and will) be aggressive if they feel threatened. You should never assume a skunk will act like a domestic pet, especially if you encroach on a litter of kits. If you’re interested in learning more about skunks and the potential dangers of encountering one, this blog will review some of their habits as well as the dangerous qualities they possess.

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Skunk Removal Advice: Protecting Your Pets

Skunk removal needed for large skunk in a yard

Skunk Removal: How to Protect My Pets from Skunks

We all want to keep our precious fur babies away from harm, but when it comes to wildlife that may cross over our property line and invade our homes, how can we make sure our pets are protected?

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Raccoon Removal: Interesting Things to Know About Raccoons

Raccoon removal needed for a baby raccoon in a tree

Raccoon Removal: Fun Facts About Raccoons

Raccoons are very smart and interesting creatures. Their habits, abilities and curiosity make them particularly fascinating to study and observe. But, here at Animal Remover, our raccoon removal specialists definitely do not recommend ever keeping a raccoon as a pet. However cute or interesting it may be, a raccoon is still a wild animal and can cause deadly injury, harm or pass diseases onto humans.

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Dead Animal Removal Tips: Finding a Dead Animal in Your House

Dead animal removal needed for an animal hidden inside a living room

Dead Animal Removal: How to Tell If There Is a Dead Animal In My Home

Whether you live in the middle of the city or on the outskirts of town, wild animals will always find ways to invade your home. While this can be a huge hassle for homeowners, the problem only worsens when said animal crawls into a wall, attic or crawl space and dies.

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Help! Should I Contact Wildlife Control or my Local Animal Shelter?

Back of a white wildlife control service truck

When to Call a Wildlife Control Company vs. an Animal Shelter

Wild animal situations at your home or business can be stressful, hectic and unfamiliar. Oftentimes, individuals involved will attempt to handle the situation themselves, which unfortunately, often leads to property damage and/or physical injury to those involved.

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Wildlife Management: Preventing Birds from Nesting

Wildlife Management Can Prevent Nesting

Wildlife Management Can Help Prevent Nesting Birds

Seeing little bird nests in your trees can be charming. It’s not as charming when they build nests in your home or on your front porch. Fortunately, there are some wildlife management techniques you can use to help encourage birds to pick a different place to nest.

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I Have an Animal Removal Emergency. What Now?

Animal removal needed for rat in a house on cables

What To Do In an Animal Removal Emergency

Being involved in a nuisance animal emergency situation is oftentimes very overwhelming, stressful and scary. It’s not every day that you come home to find a snake in your bathroom, a threatening possum beneath your deck or a family of birds in your living room.

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Wildlife Management: Keeping Turkey Vultures Away

Wildlife Management Can Help With Turkey Vultures

Wildlife Management for Turkey Vultures

Turkey vultures can congregate in your yards and trees, which can be quite annoying. We often get questions about what wildlife management methods you can do at home to keep turkey vultures away from your property.

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Wildlife Management Throughout the Seasons

Wildlife Management for the Seasons

Seasonal Wildlife Management

Different animals are active during different seasons. You may not have the same issues in winter that you have in summer. Wildlife management can be a year-round task. You can make it easier on yourself by utilizing various wildlife management techniques.

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