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Bat Removal: 5 Common Types of Bats in Ohio

bats in Ohio bat removal

Identifying 5 Common Ohio Bats for Bat Removal

There are more than 1,200 different bat species all over the world. At least 13 species of bats call Ohio home. The bats that reside in Ohio are harmless and only eat insects. They can become a hassle if they begin to live in your house, requiring you to hire a bat removal service.

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Raccoon Removal: What to do When a Raccoon is on Your Roof

raccoon removal raccoon on roof

Raccoon Removal from a Roof

Imagine coming home from work or a nice dinner with friends and seeing something scurrying across the top of your roof. It was too big to be a bird or a squirrel, you think, and then you realize: you have a raccoon on your roof. Now you have to figure out a plan for raccoon removal.

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Mole Removal: Why do Dogs go after Moles?

mole removal dog going after mole

Mole Removal and Dogs

Moles in your yard can be wildly frustrating. While the animals do help aerate your soil and eat many lawn and garden pets, seeing the areas of pushed up ground all across your yard is unsightly.

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Wildlife Control: Protecting Your Shed from Invaders

wildlife control for your backyard shed

Wildlife Control for Animals in Sheds

The colder months of winter mean that many animals will seek out shelter from the harsh environment. One of the places wildlife like raccoons and skunks may end up is the shed in your backyard.

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Goose Management: How to Protect Your Lake Property

goose management at lake property

Goose Management for Lakeside Properties

Having a lake house or other lakeside property can be a fantastic place to rest and relax whenever you want to have a little time to get away. Unfortunately, humans are not the only species that like to call lakeside property home. Birds, especially geese, thrive in lake areas.

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Bird Removal: How to Handle Woodpeckers

handling woodpeckers bird removal

Bird Removal and Dealing with Woodpeckers

Birds can be beautiful in nature. The variety of species and colors make for a lovely display as they fly through the skies. When birds begin to nest in and on your house, however, that’s when birds become a nuisance and you may need bird removal assistance.

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Before Calling for Animal Removal: Know Skunk Signs & Habits

Animal Removal Takes Care of This Skunk

Animal Removal Tips: Understanding Skunks

Aside from the romantic Pepe Le Pew’s heart-melting French accent and the scent of an unlucky skunk from the highway, most people know very little about our stinky neighbors.

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Bird Removal: Get Rid of Starlings

Starlings Removed with Bird Removal Services

Bird Removal: Get Rid of Starlings

They may have beautiful sparkling dark green feathers speckled with streaks of blue. They may only weigh roughly 2.5 oz. They may stretch to less than a foot long with a wingspan of fewer than 16 inches. But these facts take nothing away from how bothersome starlings are.

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Squirrel Removal Is a Better Option Than Sealing Holes

Squirrel Removal Would Patch This Attic Hole

Don’t Block Holes Before Calling for Squirrel Removal

Squirrels come into your home and build nests. They squeeze in and out of holes in your attic and walls to collect food. Maybe you discover squirrels when you see them on your roof or notice the hole in your wall. Now that you’ve discovered the squirrels in your attic or living space, what do you do?

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Squirrel Removal Tips: Squirrel Dens & Houses

A Squirrel House to Avoid Squirrel Removal

Prevent the Need of Squirrel Removal with Squirrel Houses

Squirrels nest in trees, chimneys, attics, and any place they can find protection from predators and the elements. Did you know, however, that they will also inhabit birdhouses and eat from bird feeders?

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