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Animal Removal: Snake Safety Precautions

Snake animal removal in grass

Animal Removal Tips and Snake Danger

Some people are snake people, intrigued by snakes and love to see them. For the rest of the world, snakes are a cringe-worthy thought – not something that you want to physically see and especially not in or around your home. 

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Bird Removal: What to Do if You Find Baby Birds in Your Yard

Baby Bird Removal

When to Contact Bird Removal Services When You Find Hatchlings in Your Yard

If you find a baby bird or hatchling in your yard, your instinct might be to try and take care of it, but it’s important that you don’t. Not only is caring for a baby bird extremely labor intensive (they need to eat every 15 to 20 minutes from sunrise to sunset), but raising a wild bird in captivity is also illegal unless you have the proper state and federal licenses.

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Wildlife Control: Signs That an Animal Has Rabies

Wildlife control and german sheppard with rabies

Wildlife control Advice on How to Tell if Animals Have Rabies

Rabies is a well-known but also mysterious virus that can be deadly. The threat looms among wildlife and presents a serious danger to pets and to people. The idea of encountering a rabid animal is terrifying. The best way to avoid contraction of the virus is to avoid contact with any wildlife or even domestic animals with the virus. The only way to do that is to know the signs of the virus to look for. This is extremely important as the phases are short, and if you encounter an animal that is showing signs, it’s crucial to contact Animal Remover for wildlife control.

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Bird Removal: Attic Issues and Solutions

Bird Removal Needed in Attic

Attic Bird Removal

It is early in the morning and you hear the sounds of rustling and chirping coming from somewhere in the house. It is so loud that it is difficult to sleep. It is likely that birds have found a cozy, warm shelter in your home to nest and raise their young.

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Raccoon Removal: How Raccoons Get Into the Home

Raccoon removal on brick house

Indications of a Home Raccoon Invasion and When You Need Raccoon Removal Services

Many people don’t consider the necessary preventative steps to ensure that raccoons won’t get into their home. Consequently, many end up face to face with the furry intruders in their own homes. 

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Wildlife Control: Fox Yard and Home Invasion

Wildlife Control for Red Fox in Yard

When to Contact Fox Wildlife Control

In the United States, foxes are fairly common. In fact, some people breed foxes as pets! However, if they are not someone’s pet, they can cause some serious problems if they inhabit your home or lawn.

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Animal Remover: Common Signs of a Yard Nuisance Animal

animal remover mole digging hole in yard

Animal Remover Signs of Animal Yard Invasion

As a renter or homeowner, you probably already know that wildlife living in your yard can pose some potentially serious problems. Many times, you don’t notice nuisance animals in your yard or near your home because they scurry away right before you get a chance to see them.

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Raccoon Removal Can Prevent These Diseases

Raccoon Removal Prevents Rabies

Diseases Make Raccoon Removal a Must

Raccoons carry harmful viruses and can transmit these to you or your pet. Fortunately, Animal Remover’s raccoon removal services do more than rid your property of the nuisance animals.

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Repairing the Lawn after Mole Removal

Lovely Lawn After Mole Removal

How to Fix Your Lawn after Mole Removal

You call Animal Remover, your local animal removal and wildlife control agency. But, even after our mole removal service is complete, the tunnels and sunken spots of lawn remain. So what do you do now?

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Wildlife Control vs. Pest Control: What’s the Difference?

Pest control vs wildlife control

Pest Control and Wildlife Control Are Not One In the Same

Each industry requires unique knowledge and equipment to meet your pest or wildlife control needs as a homeowner or commercial business owner. Knowing which type of animal control is needed and contacting the right type of animal remover or exterminator will ensure the best results for each and every client.

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