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Squirrel Removal: How Squirrels Prepare for the Winter

Squirrel removal squirrel preparing for winter

Squirrel Removal: Understanding Squirrel Winter Preparation

Squirrels can look cute, but their nesting habits can cause significant damage to your property and leave you seeking squirrel removal services.

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Animal Remover: How Groundhogs Can Damage the Foundation of Your Home

Animal Remover groundhog peeking from hole

Groundhog Information from Animal Remover

Groundhogs are symbolic, and even considered cute to some. We have riddles about the infamous “woodchuck” and view them one of nature’s harmless entities. Their mysterious hiding and prophetic pop-ups are what most people remember them for, often causing them to overlook the damage groundhogs can cause to our property. At Animal Remover, we’ve gathered some basic information on these creatures so you can better understand what’s happening underground.

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Animal Remover Tips: Myths About Skunk Odor Removal

Skunk odor myths from Animal Remover

Animal Remover Tips: Myths About Skunk Odor Removal

Dealing with skunk smell is no easy task. Whether it’s your dog that encountered the skunk or you were the unfortunate one who got sprayed, you’re going to be in search of a way to get rid of the rancid smell.

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Skunk Animal Removal: What to Do If a Skunk Has Invaded Your Yard

Animal removal protecting yard from skunk

Animal Removal for Skunks in Your Yard

From the charming Pepe Le Pew to the cute domestic pets, skunks have had some good PR that has almost made some people forget how much of a nuisance that smell is. But like a zebra can’t change its stripes, a real wildlife skunk can’t hide its musk.

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Animal Removal Tips: How to Keep Wildlife Out of Your Garage This Winter

Declutter garage to reduce need for animal removal

Animal Removal for Wildlife in Your Garage

Garages are another place in your home that can provide a hospitable environment to wandering wildlife. In the cold winter, raccoons, squirrels, rats, and other unwelcome pests are looking for a place to get out of the cold. Your garage can become a place of warmth and solitude for pests if you don’t take the precautionary steps necessary to keep them from accessing the room.

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Rat Animal Removal: Downfalls of DIY Rat Removal

DIY rat removal for solitary rat

DIY Rat Removal Problems

If you realize you have a rat problem, you are probably overwhelmed. In this age of Google, Wikipedia, and Pinterest, you might feel empowered to do a little research and find a way to get rid of the dirty rodents yourself. Before you turn into an enthusiastic exterminator, you should consider the drawbacks of handling it yourself. Your DIY rat removal just may not be as advantageous as you hoped.

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Animal Remover Advice: Signs an Animal is Living in Your Fireplace

animal remover advice animals living in chimney

Handling Animals in Chimneys: Animal Remover Advice

Chimneys are a common retreat for outside animals seeking solace. Many once-active fireplaces are blocked off and create a perfect place of solitude for a family of raccoons or squirrels. This becomes a dangerous situation for both the animals and the people who live in the home.

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Animal Removal: Most Common Animals You Will Find in Your Attic

Mouse trap for attic animal removal

Animal Removal and Attic Dwellers

If your home isn’t properly sealed and protected, your attic becomes a very hospitable environment for some unwanted visitors. Well, to you, they’ll be visitors.

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Squirrel Removal: Can Squirrels Cause House Fires?

Squirrel removal may have prevented this house fire

Reducing House Fire Risk with Squirrel Removal

A squirrel problem may seem like no problem at all... until it becomes a big problem, that is.

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Bat Removal: 5 Common Types of Bats in Ohio

bats in Ohio bat removal

Identifying 5 Common Ohio Bats for Bat Removal

There are more than 1,200 different bat species all over the world. At least 13 species of bats call Ohio home. The bats that reside in Ohio are harmless and only eat insects. They can become a hassle if they begin to live in your house, requiring you to hire a bat removal service.

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