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Animal Remover Tips: How to Keep Wildlife Out of Your Garbage During the Holiday Season

Animal remover needed for skunk and raccoon in metal trash can

Animal Remover Advice on Preventing Critters From Rummaging Through Your Trash This Winter

At some point or another, a critter has probably rummaged through your garbage, leaving a mess to clean up and attracting other nuisance animals to your home. Although wildlife can dig through your trash any day of the year, your outdoor garbage can is especially susceptible to wildlife in the winter months due to the scarcity of available food and the additional waste from the holiday season.

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Animal Remover: Winter Wildlife Survival

Animal remover for a red fox in the snow

Animal Remover: How Animals Thrive in the Cold

With harsh winters here in the United States going well below zero degrees Fahrenheit, some may often wonder how wild animals survive in such extreme temperatures. We, humans, have a shelter over our head, a warm heater to lay beside, and blankets or coats to wrap ourselves in when the weather gets too cold to bear.

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Why It’s Important to Use a Humane Animal Removal Service

Animal Removal Raccoon Standing

Why Should I Use Humane Animal Removal?

Sometimes people wonder why they should call a humane animal removal service. Couldn't you just kill the animal and then it’s gone forever? It’s a common misconception that killing a nuisance animal will permanently rid you of your problem.

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When Animal Remover Is Necessary for Coyotes

Animal Remover Needed for Coyote in Neighborhood

When to Call Animal Remover for Coyotes

When it comes to our pets we would do anything to protect them. A question that many people have is how dangerous coyotes are for their pets and if they will attack a human. While coyotes are generally afraid of humans, they are still wild animals, and you should be cautious around them.

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Advice from Animal Remover: How to Be Safe Around Wild Animals

Animal Remover advises you to leave wild animals alone

Animal Remover Advice: How to Behave Around Wild Animals

When you think of wild animals such as opossums, squirrels, and groundhogs, you probably imagine a warm, cuddly, and friendly animal. Unfortunately, many wild animals can be destructive and dangerous. Because wild animals are quite common in our neighborhoods, it is important to call Animal Remover if these creatures have set up camp around your property.

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Bat Removal Health Hazards

Bat Hanging Out Bat Removal

Health Hazards for Bat Removal

Bats are tricky creatures to extract safely, mainly because they roost in large groups. Removing any wild animal from your home is difficult, but it becomes worse with each additional nuisance. At Animal Remover, we use bat removal methods which are humane and safe for both the animals and your family.

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Bat Removal Season and Management

Brown Bat Bat Removal

Bat Removal: Our Process

One of the biggest problems American families face when it comes to bat removal is that these small creatures tend to roost in large numbers. While it is possible to find one or two on their own in your attic, chances are, if there’s one then more will follow.

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Safe Animal Removal Advice

Safety Gloves for Animal Removal

Animal Removal Advice: Safety First

There’s nothing more frustrating than discovering that a small creature has made your home it’s home. They may not need much room, but they sure can make a mess. Dealing with wild animals is tricky and full of surprises, which is why it’s important to always practice safety.

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Controlling Odors with Dead Animal Removal

Little kid odor control for dead animal removal

Dead Animal Removal: Odor Control

If you suspect you may have a dead animal trapped inside the walls of your home, or somewhere else in your home, don’t hesitate to contact Animal Remover for help.

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Five Questions to Help you Find the Best Wildlife Control Service

Questions for Wildlife Control

Important Questions for your Wildlife Control Service

Before hiring any professional wildlife control company, it’s important that you thoroughly understand their procedures and animal removal methods.

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