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Animal Removal: Are Armadillos Dangerous

Animal removal needed for armadillo in the grass

Animal Removal: Diseases Armadillos Carry

Armadillo Habits

Although people most often think of armadillos as only living in the Southwestern United States, they also can live in Missouri, Illinois, Pennsylvania,Ohio and Michigan, among many other states in the USA. Armadillos are rather harmless creatures and are more likely to run than to attack when threatened.

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Bat Removal: The Dangers of Bat Guano

Bat removal needed for bat hanging upside down in the dark

Bat Removal: Guano Hazards

If you have bats living in your home or business, you have more to worry about than just scaring customers or dealing with those chirping noises. One of the most common reasons we recommend bat removal services as soon as possible is bat guano.

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What You Need to Know About Flying Squirrel Removal

Flying squirrel removal needed for squirrel on a tree

Flying Squirrel Removal Advice

Here at Animal Remover, we deal with some very unique wildlife control situations. In Ohio, the most common squirrel is the eastern gray squirrel, but you may also encounter the flying squirrel as well. While the technicians at Animal Remover typically respond to requests for squirrel removal involving the typical gray, brown, red or black squirrel, we can also handle flying squirrels.

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Animal Removal: Most Common Ways that Wildlife Enters Your Home

Animal removal needed for mouse looking out of a hole in the wall

Animal Removal: How Nuisance Animals Get Inside

Nuisance wildlife such as birds, raccoons, bats and squirrels will frequently find their way into your home one way or another. Regardless of the time of year or the location of your home, it’s always a great idea to have a professional animal removal company inspect your property regularly to locate possible entry points and make sure they are securely closed up.

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Wildlife Control: Why Animal Damage Repair is NOT a DIY Project

Wildlife control services needed for mole mounds in yard

Why You Need to Call Wildlife Control Services for Animal Damage Repair

If you have ever dealt with a nuisance animal problem before, you probably know how extensive animal damage can be. While you wouldn’t think a small raccoon, mouse or bird could cause massive amounts of damage to your home and property, you could realistically be looking at hundreds or thousands of dollars in damages.

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Animal Removal: How to Get Rid of Mice

Mouse coming out a hole in a wall needing Animal Removal services

Animal Removal for Mice

Mice are a common problem for homeowners and unfortunately, they are not easy to get rid of. Mice are very small and can fit through extremely tiny holes insiding,roofing and soffit. In fact, many of the holes may be so small you might not even realize they are there! Mice are also great at hiding out in attics, basements and inside walls, so you may not even know you have a mouse problem until it has become unmanageable.

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Wildlife Control: Spring Cleaning

Wildlife control services removing old leaves from the gutter

Wildlife Control Tips: How to Keep Animals Out of Your Home in the Spring

Spring is just around the corner and you may already be thinking about (or dreading) your annual spring cleaning around the house. Regardless of how much you enjoy or hate it, spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to inspect your home for nuisance wildlife problems, as well as reinforce and protect it.

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Squirrel Removal: What Attracts Squirrels to Your Attic?

Squirrel removal needed for squirrel on roof

Squirrel Removal: Why Do Squirrels Invade my Attic?

Have you ever stopped to think about why so many people are searching for squirrel removal solutions? It’s not like the squirrels of America have a secret alliance in which they all agree to invade and take control of as many attics as possible, so why do they do it?

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Squirrel Removal: Why You Shouldn’t Use Poison

Wildlife services needed for squirrel removal

Is Poison Effective for Squirrel Removal?

Many people don’t think of squirrels as nuisance animals, but in fact, they can cause severe damage to your property when they are left to nest and feed at will. A squirrel will rarely ever invade your home on its own. There are almost always several others, making the problem an even bigger one.

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Wildlife Control: Is Your Home More Susceptible to Wildlife Invasion in the Winter?

Raccoon in Winter Wildlife Control

Winter Wildlife Invasion Advice from Wildlife Control Experts

Nuisance animals can strike at any time of the year. Summer, winter, spring or fall, there will also be some little critter looking for a place to nest, eat and have babies.

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