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Wildlife Control: Most Common Nuisance Animals of Fall

Wildlife control for squirrels in fall

These Wildlife Control Issues Tend to Pop Up in the Fall

As the days shorten and the temperatures begin to drop, most property owners think of raking leaves and watching football. But wildlife also begins to prepare for winter and sometimes while searching for their home during cooler temperatures, wild creatures may select your property. Active wildlife control is the only way to keep your property secure from a winter wildlife invasion.

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Goose Management for Commercial Office Buildings

Goose management for offices

Goose Management Can Solve Your Goose Problems at the Office

Goose management is one of the commercial property owner’s biggest challenges. When the formerly charming geese become aggressive, start defecating in the parking lot and on the sidewalks, eating the landscape vegetation or are just too numerous, you, the property owner, now have a problem with goose management.  That’s where Animal Remover can help!

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Bat Removal for Airports

Airport bat removal

Here’s How Airport Bat Removal Works

While bats are not protected on the federal level, they are considered environmentally and economically important. Humane bat removal and treatment is always the first choice in dealing with a nuisance bat population.

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Squirrel Removal Methods That Work

Squirrel removal methods

A Brief Overview of Our Methods for Squirrel Removal

Squirrel removal is a common request from homeowners and business owners, especially during the fall. Squirrels will begin nesting and breeding early in September, meaning they will be actively searching for a safe and dry place to raise their young. And unfortunately, once squirrels discover a location in which they are able to successfully nest, they will likely return again year after year to do the same thing.

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3 Types of Squirrel Repellents to Avoid

Squirrel removal repellent

Learn About Different Types of Squirrel Removal Repellant

In our line of work, we are constantly asked about the efficacy of squirrel repellents. Do they really work? And if so, is it a short-term or long-term solution? Do you need to keep reapplying the repellent to have lasting results? These are all valid questions.

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Raccoon Removal Methods That Work

Raccoon removal trapping methods

A Brief Overview of Our Methods for Raccoon Removal

Raccoon removal is one of our most commonly requested services, and understandably so. Raccoons are some of the most intelligent nuisance animals and their incredible adaptability allows them to thrive in a variety of environments, from rural to urban.

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Squirrel Removal: Prep Your Home for the Fall Nesting Season

Squirrel removal for fall nesting season

Home Prep Tips and Squirrel Removal Services

Fall is nearly here and so is squirrel breeding and nesting season. The nesting season for squirrels usually begins in September and ends in May, and is one of our most busy times for squirrel removal.

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Nuisance Wildlife Control: Tips for Skunk Odor Removal

Wildlife control tips for skunk odor

Our Wildlife Control Company Provides Deodorization and Disinfection

So the worst has happened. You, your property or your pet has been sprayed by a skunk and the smell is absolutely horrible. Here at Animal Remover, we provide safe and effective nuisance wildlife control services like skunk removal on a regular basis.

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Animal Remover Property Repairs: Most Common Roofing Issues

Animal remover roofing repairs

Animal Remover Can Repair These Roofing Damages

Did you know that we can also repair roofing damage caused by nuisance animals?

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Raccoon Removal: How Smart Are Raccoons?

Raccoon removal for intelligent raccoon

Find Out How Raccoon Intelligence Can Impact Raccoon Removal

It’s safe to say that raccoon removal is made complex by the extreme intelligence of this species.

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