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Wildlife Management Tactics: Protecting Your Pets From Coyote Attacks

Coyote in need of wildlife management tactics

Protecting Your Neighborhood is a Collaborative Effort

A few wildlife management techniques for coyote encroachment can be done by an individual, but in general, educating your neighbors to work together to keep coyotes out of your neighborhood are most successful. First, never feed a coyote. Coyotes are very smart animals and will quickly learn which locations offer easy meals and will return to those areas. Along the same lines, avoid leaving pet food outside to prevent scavenging. Make sure to keep your trash and recycling covered and secure. If you have fruit trees make sure to pick up and properly dispose of any fallen fruit. These wildlife management tactics are all based on preventing easy meals from scavengers like coyotes. If you remove the benefit of encroachment it is much less likely that coyotes will visit your property.

Coyote Hazing

If you see a coyote in your neighborhood you want to instill fear through wildlife management tactics. “Hazing” a coyote means to use a deterrent to help them understand that your neighborhood is off limits. This can be something as simple as making yourself large and loud and yelling at the coyote until they run away. Throwing projectiles at them, using sprays or noisemakers to scare them away can all be effective ways of deterring coyote encroachment.

Pet Management

Always keep your cats indoors to prevent them from attack. If they need to be let outside make certain that they have natural tools to protect themselves. Including their claws, and a high place to climb to avoid coyote attack. A cat post - a pole standing seven feet high or so, covered with a climbable material like rope and topped with a flat platform - can provide a safe place for your cat to escape an attack.

Never leave your dog on a short chain outside as they can be susceptible to attack from a pack of coyotes. While large dogs are usually a deterrent, coyotes can become emboldened when desperate for food. When on a walk, make sure you have your dog on a tight leash. It is extremely unlikely that a coyote will attack a dog when in the presence of the owner, but it can be a good idea to carry a spray or stick with you in case.

In Need of Professional Wildlife Management Help?

Animal Remover is the professional wildlife management service you need for coyote removal service. We provide a safe, humane, and reliable method for trapping, control, and exclusion services. Call us today at 513.324.9453 to get a free quote today!

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