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Wildlife Control Steps When You Find Baby Raccoons

Baby Raccoon In Need of Wildlife Control Service

Do Not Relocate the Baby Raccoon

Finding a solitary baby raccoon does not necessarily mean that the baby has been orphaned. Raccoons actually do not become nocturnal during their first year. Often times baby raccoons will wander around their den while the mother sleeps during the day. Generally, if a mother raccoon is going to return to find the baby, it will be between the first two to eight hours after it has left the den. Moving the baby can actually be the step that keeps the raccoon reunion from happening.

Offer the Baby Raccoon Protection

Although moving the baby is generally a bad idea, it is a good wildlife control practice to offer the baby protection from the elements while the mother is gone. A box with high sides will prevent a baby from wandering too far. Leave the top of the box open so if the mother returns she will be able to retrieve her baby. Placing a heating pad set to low on one side of the box or a heated water bottle wrapped in a sock will provide a heat source to keep the baby warm while waiting. If you return to the box the next day and the baby is still in the box, it is likely that the mother will not be returning. In which case it is time to call a wildlife control service like Animal Remover.

While You Wait for Wildlife Control

It is imperative that you do not attempt to feed the baby raccoon while you wait for your wildlife control service to arrive or at any point in the process. While it can be difficult to not feed a crying baby raccoon, the sound of its crying is one of the key tools the mother uses to locate her baby. In addition, feeding a baby raccoon too quickly or when the baby is dehydrated can cause shock or even death. It is best to leave the rehabilitation process to the professional wildlife control service.

Contact Animal Remover For Additional Questions

At Animal Remover we have years of experience handling raccoons of all ages. If you have found a baby raccoon that appears to be abandoned on your property call us to discuss the best wildlife control practices and how we can provide safe, humane animal rescue service.

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