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Bee Removal: Can I Do it Myself?

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Bee Allergies

It goes without saying that if you have a bee allergy it is a terrible idea to attempt bee removal without a professional. While even those with allergies can often survive a sting or two, when bees sting you they release a pheromone that alerts the other bees to attack. Very quickly encounters with bees can become extremely deadly to those with even a small allergy. If there is a chance that you have a bee allergy it is imperative that you contact a professional like Animal Remover to safely remove or relocate the hive from your property.


Some types of bees can be extremely aggressive and territorial. Even if you do your best to avoid hives, you could accidentally aggravate the hive doing yard work. Even just the sound of a lawn mower or weed wacker can be enough to trigger an attack. There are even reports of bees chasing homeowners up to a quarter-mile away. Suffice to say, attempting to perform bee removal on your own can be a real problem if you happen to have a run-in with certain breeds of bees. It is best to allow a professional, who can properly identify the bees, to safely perform hive removal.

Hive Spread

If you ignore a beehive near your home and do not contact a professional bee removal service you run the risk of a bee colony splitting and forming new hives. This can also happen if you fail to remove the entire hive during a DIY bee removal. Not only will this multiply the above dangers, but it can also cause removal to become more costly and complicated. You should take instant action if you notice a beehive near your home.

Contact Animal Removal for Bee Removal Service

Animal Remover has the professionally trained staff needed to safely and correctly perform bee removal. Avoid the complications we mentioned by contacting a professional right away. Animal Removal is available 24/7/365 and ready to perform professional removal right when you need it. Contact us at 513.324.9453 today if you need professional wildlife control.

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