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Animal Control: What Pest Deterrents Are Safe Around My Pets?

Mouse trap used for animal control


Use Animal Specific Traps

The natural response for someone looking for animal control deterrents that aren’t harmful to pets is to just replace any chemical-based deterrents, such as poison, in favor of traps. However, a trap can be just as dangerous to a pet as it can be to whatever you are trying to catch. To reduce the chance of injury to your pet, you should look into traps intended for specific animals.

For example, your typical spring mouse trap is great for mice, but it can also hurt a small dog. Instead of using a spring trap, opt for a more advanced trap, such as a vault trap.

Hide Your Deterrents

Another way that you can prevent your pet from getting into your pest deterrent is to hide it. While you can’t completely guarantee that your pet will stay away, covering the trap or poison with a box with a small opening for the animal to get in through will most likely keep your pet clear of the trap. For an outdoor animal control deterrent, you can do the same thing, or you can even set certain deterrents out overnight if you have an indoor dog. For example, if you have a raccoon problem, you can use your deterrents at night, when raccoons are most active, and keep your pet inside for the evening.

Use The Right Bait

This is an important animal control factor for both traps and poison. For traps, you can do the proper research to find what the animal you are looking to trap is drawn to and what your pet is drawn to, seeking something that will repel your pet but draw in the nuisance animal. The same goes for poison. Make sure that it is a poison that your pet won’t be tempted to eat.

Animal Remover Wants To Help With Animal Control

For people with pets, the first question asked in regards to animal control and pest deterrents is whether or not it can harm your pet. Sometimes it’s best to get the help of an animal control professional to avoid any potential problems. Contact Animal Remover today or visit our website for more information.

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