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One of the most common ways an animal can gain access to the attic is through the gap above your gutter line. When gutters and fascia is installed on a new home there is almost always a gap above the gutter line. Usually the roofing company will compensate for this gap by making the shingles longer to extend into the gutter which can cause other issues. Animals like squirrels, birds, and mice will take advantage of this gap by simply lifting the shingles and gaining access into your attic. There are many ways to solve this problem.

The first step is to trap and remove all the problem animals. Next something needs to be installed to keep the animals out. The first way would be to install a heavy gauge material that the animals cannot chew through along this gap to keep them out. The second way would be to have a heavy duty gutter protection product installed.

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There are hundreds of gutter protection products available on the market today that claim they will keep leaves and debris out. We have extensively tested all of these products and have found that only a select few will actually work. The bigger issue is to find a products that will not only keep the leaves and debris out but will also keep animals out and are made of superior materials that animals like squirrels and raccoons cannot chew through.

Our solution to this problem is the advanced gutter protection system Leaf Proof. Leaf Proof is the most superior gutter protection product. It will keep leaves, debris, and animals out of your gutters. We also guarantee that animals will not be able to chew through Leaf Proof for life.

Below is a picture of leaf proof installed on a gutter line.

There are some gutter protection products available that replace the existing gutter and a one piece system is installed, these products do not keep animals out and can cause more problems than you had previously with your normal gutters. Leaf proof is available is 13 different colors to match your existing gutters so there is no need for a new gutter. Leaf proof is also available in copper if your existing gutters are made out of copper. Leaf proof can handle anything that is thrown at it. It can handle the heaviest rainfall even the record in North America for rainfall which is 11 inches. The way Leaf Proof works is by using the patented “S” bend technology. The “S” bend uses waters natural surface retention properties to cause the water to move directly into the gutter. Leaves and debris will be directed right over the top of the Leaf Proof and onto the ground. With Leaf Proof there is no need to clean your gutters ever again. Call today for a free Leaf Proof Estimate!

Here is another picture of Leaf Proofing.

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