Animal Exclusion Warranty

Animal Exclusion Warranty (AEW) ©

Repairs are warranted anywhere from 3 years to Lifetime depending on the repair!

Our Animal Exclusion Warranty Is Simple – Our Repairs Keep Animals Out

We understand that removing unwanted animals from your property is important to you! It’s also very important to us! That is why you called us and that is what you expect us to do. We also understand that once we remove the animals from your property you do not want them back. You deserve to feel safe and secure. That is why our repairs are guaranteed to keep animals out! If at any time during the warranty year period an animal gets back in through one of our warranted repairs all you have to do is call us and we will come back and remove the animal(s) and re-repair it, all at no additional cost.

We can also return before the Animal Exclusion Warranty period expires to re-inspect your entire home or business for new entries or animal damage, and extend our (AEW) for additional time. If for some reason we cannot guarantee a repair, then we will tell you that before we ever do the repair.

Our repairs are warranted anywhere from a minimum of 3 years up to lifetime depending on the repair! The warranty will be indicated next to each item on your inspection report.

Terms and Conditions of Animal Exclusion Warranty – All (AEW) edibility will be assessed and must be approved by an Animal Remover Wildlife Specialist. If repair qualifies for reconstruction there will be no additional cost. Warranties are void for non-payment, human damage, fire damage, tree damage, flood damage, and weather damage.

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