Animal Removal: 5 Places Near Your Home Animals Will Hide

Animal removal for critters in storage shed

Nuisance animals are experts at taking up residence in and around your home. Warm weather and spring reproduction cycles combine to increase the possibility of wildlife setting up shop where you do not want them. If the weather is hot with scarce water sources, critters may come close looking for something to drink. Summer barbecue leftovers will also attract wildlife. Make sure you keep your property free of any food that might attract them. Do not leave pet food out overnight, and keep trash secure and contained. Animal removal may be warranted.


Nuisance species will discover any new openings into your attic, typically before you do. Squirrels and rodents can climb up the sides of your home or use overhanging tree limbs to gain access. Birds and bats will fly in through an exposed vent. Make sure that there are no exposed openings, and keep tree limbs away from the roof of your house.


Raccoons are a nuisance species that are particularly attracted to chimneys, which are like a big hollow tree. Raccoons are great climbers, and mothers like the safety of the chimney to give birth to their young. Squirrels, bats, and rodents may also find their way into your chimney.

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To keep critters out, you can perform a visual check of your chimney by shining a flashlight up into the flue. Check the chimney flue from the top to make sure you have an animal-proof chimney cap installed. If you cannot do this check yourself, have a chimney sweep or your local animal removal company provide this service.

Front Porches

Front porches are by far the easiest place for local wildlife to take up residence. Squirrels, opossums, skunks, snakes, rodents, raccoons and rats are among the wildlife that may choose to locate under your front porch for safety and protection from the elements. Make sure to secure any openings where wildlife can enter. If you still have issues with wildlife control, animal removal may be right for you.


Geese love to hang out in ponds and lakes near human development. It is not uncommon for an entire flock to take up residence. Geese droppings can be health hazards to humans. In addition, they may attack humans if provoked, so it is imperative that you call in your local animal removal company to have them removed.

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The same critters that find their way under your porch will also choose to occupy outbuildings, such as sheds, on your property. Make sure that there are no unapproved entrances into your outbuildings for critters to enter.

Your Animal Removal Solution: Animal Remover to the Rescue

If you have discovered unwanted guests staying on your property, it is time to call in the animal removal professionals. Here at Animal Remover, we pride ourselves in our safe, effective and humane wildlife control techniques. Call us today for a free quote or continue browsing our website for additional information. If you’re concerned about safe animal removal near your home, let Animal Remover help you.

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