Animal Removal for Wildlife in Your Garage

Declutter garage to reduce need for animal removal

Garages are another place in your home that can provide a hospitable environment to wandering wildlife. In the cold winter, raccoons, squirrels, rats, and other unwelcome pests are looking for a place to get out of the cold. Your garage can become a place of warmth and solitude for pests if you don’t take the precautionary steps necessary to keep them from accessing the room.

Make Any Necessary Repairs

The first step in reducing the need for garage animal removal is checking for repair needs. Take a walk around the outside of your home; look for any holes or vulnerable places. Keep in mind that mice and squirrels don’t need a large opening to wiggle their way in. Pay particular attention to areas around the roofline, the garage door, and any windows.

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Seal Them Out

Your garage isn’t sealed nearly as efficiently as the rest of your home. Well-placed weather stripping and caulking will not only help insulate your garage better for the winter but will also help prevent the pests from ever making it into your home. If you want advice on the best sealing methods to prevent animals from accessing your garage, the animal removal specialists at Animal Remover can help.

Clean & Declutter

Clutter creates an inviting environment for rodents and other small animals, as it gives them more opportunity to hide. Getting rid of excess and organizing the rest is another great way to resist unwanted garage guests. If you have a suspicion that an animal has already made a home in your garage, be careful as you clean. An animal may have nested in the mess and died. If you do discover one, Animal Remover also handles dead animal removal.

Keep Food Out

Whether it’s snacks or fast food bags in your car, crumbs and residual food on your grill, or unsecured garbage bins outside, rodents can smell the food, and it will draw them to your house. The fragrance of food will give them an insatiable determination to get in. Make sure to keep trash out of your car, clean your grill after you cook on it, and ensure that your garbage dumpsters are not accessible, even to strong, prying little raccoon hands.

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Professional Animal Removal Solutions

If you have animals living in your garage, don’t try to trap and extract them yourself. Animal removal can be a dangerous business and is best left to the professionals. If you are suspicious that you may have an animal in your garage but aren’t sure, we can come and perform an inspection. Animal Remover not only offers humane and reliable extraction, but our wildlife control professionals are trained to recognize spots that are vulnerable to animal entry and the signs of animal inhabitants. We offer every service that you could need, from animal removal and cleanup to preventative services that keep you from ever having the intruders to begin with. Contact us today for a free quote.