Animal Removal: How Common Are Animal Allergies?

Animal removal and allergies

The Animal Remover blog has already covered the risks posed by allergies to bee and wasp stings, and the importance of honey bee removal in cases of infestation. But what about some of the other nuisance albums that can overtake your home? How many of these other animals that can invade your home and make it theirs can cause an allergic reaction? Animal Remover takes a look and finds more reasons why professional animal removal is important.

How Do You Know You’re Allergic?

When it comes to allergies, there are a surprising number of different reactions you can have to what you’re allergic to. Sneezing, coughing, a persistent runny nose, congestion making it hard to breathe, itchy eyes, itchy skin, hives, rashes, and in some cases even nausea and fatigue are all physical symptoms that could indicate an allergic reaction. Finding out what’s causing the reaction is sometimes an exercise in frustration.

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Do You Have Four-Legged Family Members?

Anyone who has furry friends and suffers from allergies knows the heartbreak of realizing that they might be causing your allergies. Your domesticated animals are common sources of allergic reactions, either because of their own fur, or because of what they might track indoors during key allergy seasons. Fortunately, there are a lot of options for the humans in the house who’d rather tackle their allergies than have to give up their beloved fur babies.

But there’s always a chance that there’s something else, something more insidious creeping around your house, that might be causing your sneezing or coughing fits. This is when you might need professional animal removal.

If You Don’t, What’s Causing Your Symptoms?

If you don’t have fur babies, or if other people’s animals don’t cause the same reaction when you’re away from home, and if your symptoms ease off outside, there’s a good chance you’re going to need help with animal removal.

Persistent mystery allergic symptoms at home might mean it’s an unseen infestation. Rats and mice in particular are a common source of allergies for a lot of people. Small, wild rodents don’t just carry disease, they also carry a lot of allergens. Moving in and out of doors, they’ll track many of these allergens into your home – and they’ll spread them throughout your home long before you even realize you have a problem.

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If you’re finding small, ragged holes in bags of food you keep in cabinets, or small pellet droppings on your counters or in corners – you might have found the source of your allergies. If that’s the case, expert animal removal will take care of your infestation and your congestion.

Animal Removal Could Solve Your Allergy Issues

You wouldn’t think animal removal could also clear up your allergies, but rats and mice can carry the right allergens to set yours off. They also increase the potential for infestations of fleas and other small insects, leading to further reactions and problems. Proper animal removal by the experts at Animal Remover will cut off these problems at the source, with professional, humane wildlife control solutions.

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