Animal Removal: How Do You Get Rid of Animals Under Your House?

Animal Removal Under House Rabbit

You discovered animals living under your house. Now what? You can try to find these creatures yourself to determine what you’ve got. Are you ready to get in your dirty, dusty, and dark crawlspace? Animal removal can be a DIY job, but it’s up to you as a homeowner. It can be a tough task if you’re not prepared. Animal Remover explains how to get rid of animals under your house.

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Identify the Animal

Several types of animals may take up residence in your crawlspace. You might find opossums, rabbits, raccoons, mice, or rats living there. The signs for each kind of animal are different. Rabbit droppings, nesting material, and squeaking noises are all signs you may have wild animals under your home. The best way to identify a particular kind of animal is to see one and snap a photo. Then an animal removal service can help you.

Set Traps

The humane way to get rid of animals is to trap them. A professional animal removal service uses baits tailored to each species. Trapping a raccoon takes a different bait compared to a rabbit or opossum. Place the bait in a spring-loaded trap on the other side of the metal plate set within the trap. Once an animal springs the trap, it can’t get out.

Relocate the Animal

Trapping the animal under your home is the hard part. Now it’s time to finish your animal removal project by relocating the wild animal to a rural area far away from any human habitation. Wooded areas offer a great space for wild animals, so they can roam freely and find a new home.

Prevent Animals From Returning

After you get rid of all animals under your home, you need to prevent animals from entering again. Look for any holes in your crawlspace’s structure. You might see freshly turned soil where an animal tried to dig under your foundation. Search for any rotted wood or crumbling concrete to fix. If you have a vent or window, see if it needs repairs. You might consider chicken wire or metal mesh screens on the inside of these windows to keep any creatures out. An animal removal service often performs basic home repairs to ensure wild animals don’t return to your crawlspace.

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Let an Animal Removal Service Help

What happens if you get bitten by a wild animal as you search for a creature under your house? What if you wait for weeks, but you don’t trap anything? Let an animal removal expert handle the critters in your crawlspace. The wildlife control experts at Animal Remover can save you time, effort, and money by humanely trapping animals under your home. Contact Animal Remover or call (513) 324-9453 for more information.