Animal Removal Tips: Stay Diligent in Winter

Animal Removal for Squirrels in Winter

Humans aren’t the only creature dedicated to staying warm and comfortable during the winter. Squirrels, raccoons, and other smaller animals wish to find a cozy place to hibernate during the winter months. Your house happens to be a warm, comfortable spot. Before you need to call an animal removal service like Animal Remover, you can try to prevent animals from calling your house their home in the first place.

Common Winter Hideouts

Your home provides the perfect ingredients for hibernation: food, protection, and warmth. Nuisance animals take up residence in the same old spots you always expect to find them. If you hear noises in your attic or in your walls, chances are you have squirrels or raccoons making their winter beds. Chimneys and basements also make great homes for these animals, so be on the lookout for raccoons, squirrels, or other nuisance animals in these places as well.

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If they have access to warmth, water, and food, animals will do what they can to get in. Once in your home, nuisance animals stay hidden. They cause problems by nibbling through wiring and destroying walls and attics. It’s best to prevent nuisance animals from entering your home. If they’ve already made their homes inside yours, get an animal removal service to clear your house. Hopefully, these tips will help you not need animal removal.

Preventative Measures

Before working to make your home impenetrable to nuisance animals, make sure no freeloading furry guys live there already. The last thing you want to do is trap a frustrated, scared animal in your home. If you do this, you will definitely need an animal removal service. Remember, never try raccoon removal or squirrel removal on your own. These animals carry diseases and get vicious when they feel threatened. Now, that you’ve made sure there are no unwanted guests, ensure all new applicants are denied access to your home.

Cracks Lead to Unwanted Guests

Not only do cracks in your home make your heating inefficient and your home drafty, they also invite nuisance animals. A squirrel or raccoon can squeeze through cracks smaller than you can imagine. When your home is inviting, they’ll do what they can to get in. You can fill cracks with silicone caulk or drywall.

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Make Your Home Less Inviting

Nuisance animals need food and water. A clean home makes for a less popular home. Winter cleaning is just as important as spring cleaning for this reason. Also, dampness attracts animals. To prevent the need of animal removal, think about using dehumidifiers in your basement and other areas prone to dampness.

Chimneys Aren’t Squirrel Lofts

Though chimneys make fantastic homes for squirrels and raccoons, you do not want these neighbors. After making certain no nuisance animals reside in your chimney, seal it with a chimney cap. Animal Remover provides different chimney caps, and we will install them for you if you wish.

Call Us for Animal Removal if Preventative Measures Fail

If you are too late to secure your home or if you did everything you could but failed to keep nuisance creatures out, don’t worry. Our animal removal services will get you setup. We not only offer squirrel removal and raccoon removal but we also do preventative maintenance for your attic and home. Whether you need help with keeping animals out or with animal removal, call your number one Animal Remover!