Animal Removal & Wildlife Control Emergency

Animal removal needed for skunk on a wooden board

You wake up to a commotion in the night that sounds like an intruder breaking into your attic. Panicking, you grab a flashlight and go to investigate only to discover that a family of raccoons has taken up residence in your attic. This exact scenario happens all the time and many people find themselves at a loss as to what to do. It’s a terrible feeling to have unwelcome furry critters take over your sacred living space. It’s a major inconvenience and a very complicated and hairy situation. It’s an invasion that many times comes with a lot of nasty consequences.

Animal Removal Differs Depending On The Circumstances

The way to handle animal removal differs depending on a number of circumstances including the type of animal, where the animal is located, and if the animal is injured. For instance, you wouldn’t want to try to forcefully move a mama raccoon from an attic, let alone one with her babies. Raccoons have been known to become extremely aggressive if they feel like they feel threatened, especially if they have babies with them.

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Never Try To Remove A Skunk Without Professional Help

In other cases of animal removal, where house owners have tried to remove skunks, the consequences have been pretty bad for obvious reasons. Pepe Le Pew isn’t called Pepe Le Pew for nothing. A skunks defense mechanism is to spray sulfur chemicals called thiols and it packs such a punch that it can cause temporarily debilitating nausea. We’ve all smelled that atrocious smell while driving down the road. You could just imagine what it would smell like up close.

Potential Dangers Of Unwanted Animals In Your Home

Beyond the defense mechanisms that some of these animals can deploy against you, they can also destroy your home and leave a huge costly mess behind. Whether it’s a family of squirrels, mice, bats, or birds they all have the same biological responses as humans and other than just being gross, it can actually have a lot of potential health hazards.

Because they are wild animals they are vectors to a host of diseases so when they defecate and urinate it is possible that they could spread transmittable diseases. In even worse scenarios, they can tear through insulation, chew through walls, pipes, and wears. Did you know that studies have proven that most house fires of unknown origins are attributed to animal home invasions? In fact, studies have proven that squirrels are responsible for more than 30,000 house fires a year.

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Don’t Hesitate To Call Your Local Animal Removal Experts

These are all reasons you should locate and contact a nuisance wildlife control service for all of your animal removal needs. Animal Remover is your local certified wildlife control professional agency. We have a team of experts on call 24 hours a day to provide you with safe and humane extraction services. Not only do we have the experience to remove any kind of animal you can imagine from your home, but we also have the resources to clean up the aftermath and get your sacred space back into safe living conditions. Don’t wait. Contact Animal Remover today for all of your animal removal needs.