Animal Remover Tips on Preventing Critters From Rummaging Through Your Trash This Winter

Animal remover needed for skunk and raccoon in metal trash can

At some point or another, a critter has probably rummaged through your garbage, leaving a mess to clean up and attracting other nuisance animals to your home. Although wildlife can dig through your trash any day of the year, your outdoor garbage can is especially susceptible to wildlife in the winter months due to the scarcity of available food and the additional waste from the holiday season.

At Animal Remover, we understand how frustrating it can be to walk outside to see your trash spread out all over the ground. We have prepared some tips and tricks to keep wildlife animals out of your trash this winter season.

Most Common Animal Garbage Rummagers

When a critter has gone through and devoured the items from your trash can, you may wonder what type of animal committed such a crime. Some of the most common wildlife garbage rummagers include:

  • Raccoons
  • Rats
  • Opossums
  • Coyotes

If you happen to catch one of these nuisance animals going picking through your garbage can, contact Animal Remover today! We offer safe and humane wildlife management services.

1. Secure Lid

One of the quickest and fastest ways to keep critters out of your trash can this winter is to make sure the lid is securely fastened. There are many different options when it comes to securely fastened lids. You can purchase a trash can with a locking lid, you can tie a bungee cord around the lid, or you can purchase a lid that fits tightly on the can.

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2. Location, Location, Location

Choosing the location for your trash can is another quick and easy way to prevent wildlife from rummaging through your trash. Try placing your garbage can in an area where it is not easily accessible to wildlife. You can keep your trash can in your garage, shed, or even just a simple fenced-in area.

3. Plastic or Metal?

Many people use plastic outdoor cans for their garbage. Although this may be the more inexpensive route up-front, you will end up saving time and money by purchasing a metal trash can instead. Metal trash cans make it much more difficult for wild animals to break into and are much more durable against chewing and scratching.  

4. Composting

Instead of throwing away leftover or old food into your trash can, try composting it and creating a rich soil for your yard or garden. Some common food items that you can compost include fruit, vegetables, coffee grounds (including the filter), tea bags, and eggshells.

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5. Get Help From Professionals

Because a run-in with wildlife can put you in a potentially dangerous situation, it is always wise to contact help from a wildlife control professional like Animal Remover. We are fast, effective, and can help safely remove that critter rustling through your trash every day.

Contact Animal Remover Today

Whether a nuisance animal is going through your trash or invading your home or your yard, contact Animal Remover today. We offer several services including animal removal, animal trapping,  damage repair and prevention, deterrents, inspections, emergency services, and more! Call Animal Remover at 513-324-9453 to learn more about how we can help you.

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