Animal Remover Discusses the Ecological Importance of Squirrels

Gray squirrel burying a nut in a flower garden

Squirrels can be annoying rodents. They’re everywhere, they can get in your home, and they dart in front of traffic. Despite their adaptability to urban environments and their intrusions into human habitations, squirrels serve an important ecological role in the world. Animal Remover explains. 

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Caching Nuts Equals More Trees

Squirrels cache nuts in the fall by burying them in the ground. When squirrels go to find them when they need food in the winter, they may not remember where they stashed their cache. Those nuts eventually grow into trees over the years. Squirrels are like nature’s little gardeners, and they help with forest restoration. Forests filled with hazel, beech, chestnut, stone pine, Scots pine, and oak might have come from squirrels several decades ago. Animal Remover fully supports this ecological endeavor!

Eating Mushrooms for Better Plant Growth

Red squirrels actually eat mushrooms, too. As squirrels take their mushrooms up into trees, they drop some pieces on the ground. These fungal growths seep into the ground. Many plant species rely on mushrooms for minerals and moisture to grow. In turn, the plants give mushrooms food to eat. Squirrels help themselves by helping more mushrooms and plants to grow.

Food for Predators

Squirrels provide food for predators. Foxes, coyotes, hawks, falcons, snakes, and owls see squirrels as meals. Badgers, raccoons, minks, and even ravens might consider squirrels as prey if they have nothing else to eat. Animal Remover can help remove these other animals from your property, too. Unlike the predators of squirrels, we try to capture these critters alive and transport them to another area.

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Call the Squirrel Removal Experts at Animal Remover

Squirrels provide many benefits to the ecosystem in which they live. Just make sure they don’t invade your home by finding a small hole or crack in your attic or chimney to crawl through. Contact Animal Remover or call 513-324-WILD (9453) for more details on our squirrel removal service.

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