Animal Remover Explains When Extermination Is Better Than Live Capture

Wild Raccoon Animal Remover

We try our best to capture and remove wild animals from your property in a humane way that doesn’t injure or harm the animal. Unfortunately, there may be instances when exterminating an animal is the better option. Animal Remover explains a few circumstances in which extermination is the more prudent choice.

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Some animals might harbor disease, and it’s better to exterminate them rather than capture them. Rabies is the most common disease carried by wild mammals. Almost one-third of rabies cases come from bats. Skunks, raccoons, coyotes, and foxes also regularly carry this disease. Rabies only occurs in mammals, but it’s fatal in animals. There is no sense in prolonging a sick animal’s suffering. Plus, a rabid animal can transmit the disease to humans through a bite. Animal Remover may exterminate a sick, diseased creature because it protects human life while also sparing the animal further suffering. 


An injured animal is scared and afraid. It may try to attack anyone who approaches it. An injured animal could attempt to bite, scratch, claw, or jump at you when you get near it. Animals could have puncture wounds, a broken limb, or even a missing body part. They also may hurt themselves even more when they try to lash out. Animal Remover may choose to exterminate an injured animal because its recovery is in doubt. Our experts may consult a veterinarian or wildlife recovery agency first before making that decision. 

Babies Too Young to Survive

Babies need their mother to survive. Unfortunately, an animal mother may die when her babies are too young to survive without her. Birds and small mammals typically rely on the mother for the first several weeks of their lives. Animal Remover may decide to exterminate baby animals that are far too young to survive on their own. When it comes to baby animals, time is of the essence. If we find baby animals shortly after the mother died, they could have a higher chance of survival. Again, we may consult with animal recovery agencies about the prospects of rehabilitating the babies before we decide to exterminate.

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Animal Remover: Safe and Humane Animal Removal

We make every effort and take every precaution to capture and relocate animals safely. Exterminating a live animal in your home or on your property is not a decision we make lightly. Unfortunately, there may be instances when a wild animal simply cannot survive on its own. If you need a wild animal removed from your property, business, or home, give us a call at (513) 324-9453 or contact us online.