Animal Remover: Potential Property Damage from Beavers

Picture of beaver caught in the act by Animal Remover.

When people think of property damage, beavers are rarely the first invasive species that comes to mind. Generally, rats, squirrels, and skunks are the first animals that come to mind when discussing animal removal. However, if you are in an area that is susceptible to beaver infestation, the damage these little rodents can cause is tremendous. If you have a property with a stream or accessible waterway, check out our Animal Remover blog below to learn about the potential damage that can be done to your property if you ignore the threat of beavers as well as how to identify a potential beaver infestation.

Getting to Know the Beaver

Beavers are the largest species of rodent found in North America and can grow up to 35 inches long, not including their tail which can reach 20 inches in length. Beavers usually weigh around 35 to 50 pounds, though it is possible for fully-grown beavers to get even larger. They thrive year-round in aquatic habitats of all kinds – from streams, ponds, and lakes to man-made waterways like canals and city culverts. They build dams in these waterways in order to create a suitable environment to den, where they will sleep and reproduce. Their diet consists mainly of vegetation, especially wooded species such as cottonwood, pine, and aspenwood trees. They will generally eat the bark, twigs, and leaves of these trees and use the remaining wood to dam the waterways they have infested. The professionals at Animal Remover are familiar with the damage these rodents can cause because of these habits.

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The Damage Beavers Cause

As mentioned above, beavers can destroy large swaths of trees on your property in order to build their dams and dens. Falling trees can damage your home, garage, or any other structure they fall on. They often will damage or destroy the foliage in your yard in search of food. But most dangerously, they can completely re-route waterways on your property, posing a major threat not only to your home and yard but also to your safety as sudden floods can occur as a result of beaver dams. To top it all off, beavers are carriers of disease and parasites that can infect humans. Giardia and rabies are both spread by beavers and can cause major health issues to any humans who come in contact with these diseases. Parasites carried by beavers, such as nematodes, can also cause a variety of problems for humans. If you have a beaver infestation it is imperative that you contact professionals such as Animal Remover to prevent a potentially dangerous situation.

Identifying Beaver Infestation

If you notice damage to the base of trees on your property near any waterways, it is one of the first signs that beavers have infested your property. Piles of wood, debris, or mud are also signs of beavers. If you notice these signs, it is important that you contact Animal Remover quickly to prevent further property damage. If you have a waterway on your property, it is important to stay vigilant as you can potentially be liable for beavers that cause flood damage from your property. If you want to be proactive, contact Animal Removal for a property inspection if you think beavers may be attracted to your property.

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Contact Animal Remover for Beaver Removal

If you have beavers threatening your property, Animal Remover can provide the solutions you need in a professional, humane manner. We provide beaver trapping, removal, and wildlife control services. Call today to schedule an appointment or consultation regarding beavers on your property.