Animal Remover Property Inspections: What to Expect

Whether raccoons are raiding your trash, moles are destroying your lawn, or bats are roosting in your attic, wildlife control problems are surprisingly complex and difficult to resolve. If you try to perform animal removal on your own, you will quickly see the need for trained professionals. Trust a comprehensive evaluation by the wildlife control experts at Animal Remover.

A call to Animal Remover is the first step toward solving your wildlife control conflict. Our skilled professionals will conduct a thorough inspection of your property to determine what animals are present, the degree of damage caused, the cost associated with cleanup and repairs, and placement of trapping mechanisms for animal removal. If your situation has progressed from a minor annoyance to a serious problem, it’s time to contact Animal Remover.

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Animal Remover: Thorough and Efficient

Animal Remover will send one or two wildlife control technicians to your house to perform the initial inspection. They will scrutinize every inch of your residence from foundation to roof, making note of every possible point of entry and each instance of property damage. Animal Remover technicians are armed with the latest wildlife control technology, including micro-cameras, high-definition thermal imaging cameras, and parabolic microphones, so nothing gets by unnoticed. Once the culprits have been identified, a plan for animal removal and property restoration is devised. Best of all, professionals from Animal Remover will have the entire inspection process completed in under two hours.

Take Action with Animal Remover

Services from Animal Remover go beyond simple animal removal and cleanup. Our technicians employ strategies to solve your wildlife control problem permanently without causing harm to the animals. Animal habitat modification is a procedure our technicians commonly use. It involves making small changes to your property to render it a less hospitable environment for unwelcome animals. For example, by removing bird feeders and brush piles from your property, you eliminate convenient sources of food and shelter, making it less appealing to nuisance animals.

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Exclusion is another technique practiced by the professionals at Animal Remover. It refers to making modifications to the structure of your home, leaving it less vulnerable to infestation. Common examples of exclusion are screening a vent or sealing a chimney after animal removal is complete, thus preventing their future reentry. We also incorporate exclusion into our trapping methods. Once a point of entry is identified, a chimney or ventilation duct perhaps, we modify the entry point so it can be fitted for a live trap. When the squirrel, raccoon or other nuisance animal attempts to leave the same way it came in, it will unknowingly walk right into the trap where it can be safely removed from the premises.

Nuisance animals create problems that are dangerous, costly and time-consuming to clean up. Fortunately, animal removal expertise is only a phone call away. For a fast and effective solution to your wildlife control situation, schedule a comprehensive property inspection with Animal Remover today.

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