Animal Remover: When Can You Remove Birds’ Nests?

Birds nest with eggs Animal Remover

Having a birds’ nest in your yard can be an exciting experience. As the eggs hatch and the chicks grow up, you get the opportunity to watch the miracle of nature in action. Unfortunately, birds do not always build their nests in the most convenient locations. Although you may be tempted to remove a nest in your yard, wildlife laws may protect some species and prevent you from tampering with their eggs, even if you find them on your property. At Animal Remover, we specialize in bird removal, so we know when you can and cannot remove a birds’ nest. Before removing a nest, be sure to read our advice.

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Reasons to Remove a Nest

There are several reasons to remove a birds’ nest. At Animal Remover, we typically remove nests in areas that can be potentially dangerous to the birds, such as nests in gutters, above doorways, inside dryer vents, or inside active chimneys. We also remove nests from areas that are inconvenient for homeowners, such as nests on lawn mowers, basketball hoops, and cars.

Legality of Removing Birds’ Nests

Before you remove a birds’ nest, always check national and regional wildlife laws. If you tamper with the nest of an endangered or protected species, you may face hefty fines. In the United States, you cannot remove an active nest of a native species. You can only remove the nest if it has been abandoned or if the eggs have not been laid. Invasive species, however, are usually not protected by wildlife laws.

Rules to Keep in Mind

When removing a birds’ nest, there are a few general rules to keep in mind. As stated earlier, never remove an active birds’ nest of a native species. Additionally, never remove nests for large birds, such as herons, because these nests can be used year after year. If it is early in the summer, avoid removing a nest, because it may be used by other birds later in the year. For your safety, do not remove owl nests. Many owl species may be aggressive and dangerous to humans. If you need help removing a nest, contact a wildlife control service like Animal Remover.

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