Animal Remover’s Tips on Keeping Animals Out of Your Crawl Space

Animal Remover needed for mouse hiding inside wall

Like it or not, your home is full of unseen places where small animals like to reside. Whether it’s rodents, snakes, bats, or something else, Animal Remover has the expertise to remove them. A crawl space is a prime area for animals to make into a home. If your home or property has a crawl space that you’ve neglected since you moved in, then chances are you already have something living in it. Animal Remover is always ready to help you with professional animal removal, but there are a few things you can do to treat and protect your crawl space from an animal infestation.

Concrete and Plastic Options

One of the biggest reasons that the crawl space in your home is so welcoming to small animals is the ease of access. An untreated or unfinished crawl space is full of cracks, gaps and small spaces that animals like mice or rats can squeeze through.

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The best way to prevent access is to make sure your crawl space’s surfaces are sealed. Concrete or plastic liners are the most common solution for this, but you’ll need to think about effectiveness and budget before you decide. Do some research into the pros and cons of concrete or plastic for your property before you make a decision.

Make Sure Openings Are Sealed

If totally sealing your crawl space with concrete or plastic liners isn’t an option due to cost or time, then another option is to use a filler to seal up any obvious openings or cracks. This can be very effective in stopping animals getting in, but it will take some time and a little elbow grease.

Whoever is applying the filler will have to get into the crawl space and take the time to identify and properly fill each opening or crack. Sealing a crawl space will have the added benefit of reducing moisture, which will cut down on the risk of your property developing mold or mildew, as well as its appeal to certain nuisance animals.

Weeding, Trimming Hedges

A common sight in homes that have contacted Animal Remover is overgrown grass, weeds or hedges around any basement and crawl space openings. Any brush or overgrowth is prime territory for all kinds of wildlife, and having an opening into a building’s crawl space or basement is even more enticing. Keeping up with your lawn and your hedges doesn’t just make your home look better, it helps reduce the risk of nuisance animals, too.

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Calling Animal Remover

If you’re already dealing with an infestation, Animal Remover can help you with residential and commercial wildlife control. Our specialists can assess your unique situation, taking your property and environment into account – along with the kind of animal you’re dealing with – and find the best solution for you. Contact Animal Remover today.