Bat Removal Advice on Tackling a Live Bat in Your Home

Bat removal for a bat in your home.

Having an infestation of bats happily living in your attic is one thing, but having one fly in through an open window is something entirely different. Professional bat removal from Animal Remover will definitely take care of your persistent bat problem, but a single, terrified (and terrifying) bat flapping around your living or bedroom is a little more immediate.

How do you handle a more urgent bat removal? There are a few things you can do to help usher a bat back out into the wild, and Animal Remover has some tips to share.

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Directing the Airflow

Bats have a good sense of airflow, so this is something you can use to your advantage when it comes to emergency bat removal. Close all of the windows and doors in the room save for one. The bat should be able to detect the airflow to the single open window and make its way back outside.

Using a Broom

If a bat has landed, you might be able to use a broom to transport them back outside yourself. This method will require you to stay calm, and put aside any fear or disgust you have towards bats to get the job done. Take a broom and place it gently onto the bat. This will usually prompt them to grab on, or even try biting it in self-defense.

If you can move gently enough, you should be able to get the bat out of a window or door this way. Either jostle the broom to get it to let go, or just leave the broom outside to let the bat leave in its own time. Just remember, it’s important to be careful. You could easily hurt a bat by being overly aggressive and nervous.

Keep Covered

The most important thing to remember when dealing with a rogue bat in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom is to be careful. If you’re going to try to usher it back outside yourself, make sure to wear thick gloves and cover your forearms. Ideally, you should try and cover as much exposed skin as possible.

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Bat removal can be dangerous, and while bats are not generally harmful or aggressive in their own habitat, but they can carry rabies, among other diseased. Like any wild animal, they’ll stay away from you but will attack if they feel threatened.

Contact Us for Professional Bat Removal

If you’re finding more bats flying around inside your house than a single open window could account for, you probably have an infestation. Luckily, Animal Remover is a professional wildlife management company that’s available to help with bat removal. Just contact us, and we’ll take a look through your home or property and find the best solution. Whether it’s a single bat, multiple bats, rats, mice, snakes or more, get in touch with Animal Remover today.