Bat Removal: What Every Homeowner Should Know About Bat Habits

brown bat removal from animal remover

Bats can be a very scary proposition for homeowners, and not just on Halloween. Once they find a comfortable place to roost (all too often in your attic) they can be seemingly impossible to get rid of. Aside from causing damage to your house, bats can also expose you and your family to a host of dangerous diseases. Bat removal is difficult because there is no commercially produced repellant or homemade concoction that has proven to be even the slightest bit effective. The wildlife control specialists at Animal Remover, though, have the expertise to eradicate bats and make sure they stay outside where they belong. Bat removal exclusion service from Animal Remover is the only way to rid your home of these winged intruders for good.

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Little Brown Bats Cause Big Time Problems

Bats can slip through ventilation ducts or holes in your siding, taking up permanent residence in your chimney or attic. An opening of half an inch is all a bat needs to get inside. If bats get cozy and give birth to offspring, you’ll likely never get rid of them. They will return promptly every year to roost in your attic and raise their pups. The most hazardous aspect of bats inhabiting your home is the accumulation of feces and urine. As humans, we are susceptible to inhaling spores from guano (bat droppings) that can cause histoplasmosis, a serious condition affecting the respiratory system. Bats are also known to carry rabies, another disease you don’t want your family exposed to, so professional bat removal becomes a necessity.

Bats don’t chew through siding or gnaw on wiring, but they can still cause considerable property damage. Enlist the services of a bat removal specialist to protect your home against these threats. Guano can be especially harmful to the interior of your house. Accumulating droppings and urine can seep through ceilings and drywall, ruining insulation and compromising the structural integrity of your house.

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Why You Need a Bat Removal Expert

Once bats colonize your attic, there’s no getting rid of them on your own. They will come home to roost every year, and there is no effective repellant available to fend them off. Aside from being dangerous, performing a bat removal on your own is nearly impossible. They are nocturnal creatures, meaning they are typically only active at night. Coming after them with a flashlight will likely scare them into hiding. It is also important not to seal off an infested area during the winter months because bats hibernate. If you trap a bat colony while they’re asleep, they will die and decompose in the sealed space.

Experts in wildlife control, the experienced technicians at Animal Remover have developed a completely humane, 100-percent effective exclusion method for bat removal. After a thorough evaluation of your property, our professionals will drive the bats out, meticulously clean the mess they’ve left, and make all the necessary modifications to your home so they can’t come back. The process can be time-consuming, dangerous and unpleasant, so leave it to the bat removal technicians at Animal Remover.