Bat Removal FAQs

Bat removal for brown bat colony

Although there is a typical “Yuck” factor surrounding bats, they are actually quite beneficial for the environment. Bats help to keep the insect population down with their ability to eat their weight in mosquitoes each night. However, bats do boast some very good reasons you may want to keep your distance. They are opportunistic dwellers and can squeeze through a ¼” gap in a structure.

Here are a few frequently asked questions we get about bat removal.

How Do I Know If I Have a Colony of Bats?

If you have seen evidence of a bat in your home or business, it is quite likely that more than one is lurking about. Bats are social creatures that live in colonies and are rarely found alone. Shy of actually seeing a bat on your property, you will know if you see guano (bat droppings), particularly in areas where they enter and exit the structure.

Where Will Bats Choose to Live?

Your attic is a favorite choice for bats. The attic provides the perfect combination of temperature, light and humidity for them to thrive. They will also take up residence in your basement, chimney, soffits and eaves and even inside your home.

Why Do I Need Professional Bat Removal?

Bats carry diseases that you, your family, and your fur babies can contract. The proliferation of guano is unsanitary and provides a breeding ground for a fungal disease known as Histoplasmosis. We contract this disease when we breathe in the fungal spores. This disease can be fatal if it spreads from the lungs to other parts of the body. Bats also carry rabies, which is a viral disease that can cause paralysis and death in both humans and other animals.

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Will the Bats Go Away on Their Own?

Not likely. In fact, the population will continue to grow as the female bats have their babies (pups) in the late spring.

What Is the Bat Removal Process?

Professional animal removal companies use control devices that encourage the bats to leave the building and not return. Once they realize they cannot re-enter, they will seek other places to dwell.

How Long Will the Bat Removal Take?

Once an animal removal company treats your property and installs the bat control devices, it typically takes two to four days for the bats to leave. Colder weather will slow down the process due to hibernation and lower activity levels.

Is Bat Removal Safe?

The bat removal process uses no chemicals. You and your family do not even need to leave home while it takes place. The process is safe for humans, and it’s a humane way of safely dealing with your bat infestation.

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How Often Should I Inspect My Property for Bats?

It is good practice to do a monthly visual inspection of the exterior of your structures. Check for existing gaps to see if there is evidence of guano. Look for things out of place, such as a gutter that has detached or a hole you didn’t notice before. Look for signs of guano with its small, elongated shape. Listen for noises coming from your attic that might indicate that the critters have taken up residence.

Finally, look for signs of discoloration on building materials. Bat urine, guano, and oil from their fur will all discolor the wood, drywall, etc.

What Can I Do to Keep Bats from Coming Back?

Have any pools and outdoor ponds treated with the appropriate chemicals to minimize mosquitoes; bats love feeding on this insect. By purchasing and hanging a bat house, you can reduce the chances of them choosing to roost in your home or office.

Is Bat Removal Covered by My Homeowners Insurance?

You will need to contact your insurance provider to see if bat removal is covered by your homeowner’s insurance. You may want to have your animal removal company communicate with your insurance company as well. If you purchased the property within the last 24 months, the previous seller, real estate broker, and bank inspector may be liable for the expenses. You will need to have an in-depth discussion with your insurance company, and you’ll also want to be proactive in getting these parties to take responsibility.

Who Are You Going to Call for Your Bat Removal Needs?

If you do have a close encounter with bats, you will want to contact a professional animal removal service to properly remove them from your property.  Again, you do not want to come into direct contact with them. If you’re having problems with bat infestations, Animal Remover wants to assist you with bat removal.

Contact the professionals at Animal Remover for your bat removal needs. We specialize in 24/7 emergency animal removals.