Bat Removal: Signs Bats Are in Your House

In-home bat removal

Having a bat in your house is not a pleasant experience. Not only are bats difficult to remove, but they can also leave behind harmful diseases that can infect you and your fur babies. If you have a bat in your house, you need to remove it as soon as possible to protect your health. Below, the bat removal experts at Animal Remover list the most common signs of a bat infestation.


The first sign of a bat infestation is finding bat droppings near your windows, doors, or in your attic. Bat droppings are small, black, powdery in texture, and likely to crumble when you clean them up. This powdery texture is how you know the droppings came from bats and not mice or rats, which would have solid droppings. Bat droppings also give off a potent odor, similar to the smell of ammonia. If you find these droppings, contact a bat removal service.

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Bats Before and After Dark

Bats are nocturnal creatures. They fly and hunt throughout the night and sleep during the day. Due to their nocturnal habits, you are most likely to spot bats and at sunrise and sunset. If you frequently see bats circling your house at these times, there is a good chance that they are living in your home.

Chirping and Scratching Sounds

Hearing chirping in your walls is a sure sign you need bat removal services. To communicate with each other and navigate when they are flying, bats use echolocation. When they chirp, their echoes create a kind of sonic map of their surroundings. If you hear these chirps inside your house, you likely have a bat infestation. Chirping sounds may also be accompanied by scratching sounds in your walls or on your ceiling.

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Grease Stains

Similar to mice and rats, bats have a layer of grease on their coats. When they enter your home, they will leave behind a greasy spot. These spots are likely to appear around your windows, holes in your wall, or on your roof. If you find greasy stains on your floorboards, you may have a mouse problem instead. If you find any grease stains in your house, clean and sterilize the area and contact a bat removal expert.

Bat Removal At Animal Remover

If you think you may have a bat in your home, contact bat removal services immediately. Removing a bat on your own can be difficult and potentially dangerous. At Animal Remover, our wildlife management experts know the best bat removal tactics. Our services are safe and humane, and we will work with you to prevent future infestations. To learn more, contact Animal Remover today!