Bat Removal: Where Do Bats Like To Hide?

At bat in the ceiling of a home

Bats are not only a legitimate pest, but they are also scarier than most pests. Many homes deal with squirrel infestations, but squirrels are also cute and lovable. Few people would describe bats as cute and lovable. Bats are also much more difficult to find compared to squirrels and other pests because they usually hide in dark corners away from light. In today’s blog post, Animal Remover discusses the places where bats like to hide and gives some bat removal tips.

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1. Attic

If you suspect you have a bat infestation, the first place you should check is the attic. When it comes to bat infestations, the attic is the most common hiding spot. This is especially true if some holes or vents make for easy entry. Attics are typically warm, secluded, and dark, making them perfect hiding spot for bats. Prevent bats from calling your attic home by keeping it neat and clean. Messy attics are more attractive to bats, giving them more nooks and crannies to hide in. If you see bats in your attic, you should call Animal Remover for bat removal services immediately.

2. Garage

The garage is also another place where bats like to hide, although it’s less common than the attic. If you have a garage that you don’t regularly use, you are more likely to see bats hiding away in there. Similarly, if you use your garage mostly for storage and it’s messy or cluttered, you are more likely to develop a bat problem. Many people who don’t have sheds use their garage for storage. Because you open your garage to the outdoor every so often, bats can sometimes find their way into your garage. Call the bat removal experts as soon as you notice a problem in your garage.

On a similar note, sheds are also a place where bats tend to hide. These areas are completely secluded and typically dark, making them a perfect hiding spot.

3. Chimney

If you live in an older home and have a traditional chimney, there is a chance that bats may hide in it. The best way to prevent bats from roosting in your chimney is to seal it up or upgrade to a newer model. Consider buying relatively cheap attachments for the top of your chimney to help keep bats out. If that doesn’t work, upgrade to a more modern chimney top that doesn’t have an easy opening for bats to utilize. The best bat removal technique is preventing a bat infestation in the first place. Keeping the top of your chimney sealed is the best way to prevent bats from entering.

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