Bird Removal: Common Types of Commercial Buildings That Need Bird Netting

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Do you have a business or commercial building constantly bombarded by birds? How many pigeons roost on your roof every day? Do customers and employees complain about the flock of starlings that fly around at dusk? Animal Remover can suggest the best bird removal solution for your commercial building. In today’s blog, we discuss the common types of commercial buildings that need bird netting.

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Skyscrapers need bird netting for bird removal because many areas of a skyscraper are not easily accessible. Air conditioning condensers often sit on the roof of a skyscraper. When birds roost on condenser units, they poop on them. Not only does the bird poop spread around when the condenser fans blow, but it may also cause breakdowns when the droppings accumulate and cause air blockages. Bird removal with bird netting is much cheaper than a repair call for a broken industrial air conditioner.

Historic Structures 

Historic structures made of wood, brick, and stone are sensitive to environmental damage. Weather, rain, acid rain, chemicals, and bird droppings can cause gradual corrosion over time. Cleaning off bird droppings usually means a high-pressure washer, and that can cause damage. Bird netting and bird removal techniques keep birds and their droppings away from sensitive areas of your historic structure.


The most inaccessible parts of a church are the steeple and bell tower. Birds roost and nest in these structures, which can cause bird droppings to build up. Droppings can cause all kinds of problems, including slips and falls, bacteria transmission, and an unsightly mess.

Warehouses & Industrial Buildings

Warehouses and industrial buildings must maintain certain quality standards. Birds flying into your warehouse pose all sorts of problems with contamination and sanitary conditions, which is why you need bird removal if something flies in. Animal Remover can install heavy-duty bird netting around and over loading bays to keep birds from flying into your building or making nests in the corners of the loading bay doors or on loading bay ceilings. 

Airplane Hangars

Roosting birds at an airport cause all kinds of difficulties. Birds interfere with airplanes when they fly in front of them. Birds in hangars might damage aircraft or cause slips and falls due to bird droppings. Nests in hangars serve as a home for baby birds that could fly into the airport itself. Bird removal with bird netting keeps all of these potential hazards away.

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Commercial Bird Removal by Animal Remover

Animal Remover specializes in commercial bird removal for all types and sizes of buildings. We handle warehouses, skyscrapers, churches, office buildings, airports, and retail stores. Contact Animal Remover or call (513) 324-9453 for more details.

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