Bird Removal: What Birds Migrate Through Ohio?

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At Animal Remover, we pride ourselves on humane animal removal and trapping methods. Our staff also tries to prevent wild animals from interfering with your residential or commercial property. For birds, we may use bird spikes or bird netting to deter these creatures from taking roost on your building. Spring is prime time for birds to come through our region, which is why today’s bird removal blog highlights the birds that migrate through Ohio from time to time.

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Plenty of shorebirds and waterfowl fly over Ohio on their way to Lake Erie and Canada. Flocks of American golden plover fly from South America every year as they head to their breeding grounds in the Arctic. These plovers are brown and white with black speckles on their backs. Godwits enjoy hunting for food in tall grass and sand along lakes. They have distinctive long bills and long legs. Mallards and blue-winged teals are two of Ohio’s most plentiful duck species, and they migrate near marshy areas throughout Ohio. Bird removal for waterfowl along your property entails special techniques for keeping geese, ducks, and more away from your family.

Grassland Birds

Tall grasses found in Ohio’s prairies offer plenty of shelter to birds flying from the south. Watch for the white plumage on the head of a bobolink, a tiny bird that comes from South America. Keep an eye out for the Henslow’s sparrow and the northern harrier. These birds are declining in numbers, but they’re frequent migrants through Ohio as they head north to cooler weather during the summer months. Migratory birds often don’t need bird removal, but rather measures that keep birds away from commercial buildings.


Songbirds offer Ohioans plenty to sing about with their melodious calls. More than 150 songbirds, often hailing from Central or South America, make their way through Ohio on their way to Canada to breed. Look for indigo buntings, blue-winged warblers, cerulean warblers, and northern parulas. If you’re lucky, you might see flocks of many types of birds traveling through Ohio at the same time. Bird netting might be an appropriate bird removal method for songbirds moving through the state.

Where to See Ohio’s Migratory Birds

Ohio has many nature preserves, state parks, and conservation areas that allow you to see these beautiful birds in action. Lake Erie is one of the best places in Ohio, and the entire United States, to see bird migrations in the spring. Look for marshes and lakes to see more migratory bird populations. Southern Ohio’s streams and rivers offer many trees for bird nesting spots and habitats.

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Bird Removal & Deterrents During Spring Migrations

Springtime is prime time for bird removal and deterrents, especially near airports. Migratory birds might settle in nearby ponds or lakes on the edges of airports because they’re often away from downtown areas. If you see more birds than normal on your property at this time of year, talk to us about how to safely control these wild animals. Contact Animal Remover or call (513) 324-9453 for more details on our bird removal and deterrent services.