Birds Benefit the Environment and Deserve Humane Animal Removal


When birds roost in your attic or get inside your walls, you probably consider them frustrating, annoying, and maybe even stupid, then you call an animal removal service to get rid of them. Some people want to set traps or even kill the birds nearby to keep them from building nests in their home. Some remedies to keep birds away and to perform animal removal are humane, but any form of animal removal that kills birds should be avoided because birds serve an extremely important place in the world’s ecosystem. In today’s Animal Remover blog, we’d like to take a look at the importance of their role.

Why Do Birds Matter?

For centuries, poets and novelists have written about the beauty, charm, and wit of birds. They have always been and continue to be a metaphor for the beauty and playfulness of nature, but what do birds actually add to our world aside from a flash of color and a beautiful song (or an annoying early morning screech)? Birds across the world perform unique tasks that keep our world how it is today.

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They Disperse Seeds

In the same way that bees are vital to the continued growth and diversity of flowers, birds help trees reproduce. Most birds not only eat fruit but cover a large distance on a regular basis. This gives trees the opportunity to disperse their seeds into new areas. When a bird eats a fruit, its digestive system softens the seed, which allows it to take to the soil easier. When a bird travels and excretes the seed in a new place, it allows that species of tree to grow in a new area.

They Eat Things Smaller Than Them

You might find birds annoying and frustrating, but unless they build nests in your home or attic and force you to call an animal removal service, you probably find them a great deal less annoying than mosquitoes, spiders, and other bugs. Luckily for all of us, birds eat more than just berries and nuts. They actually do a great job of keeping the insect population down.

They Are Nature’s Janitors

Some birds act as nature’s cleaners. Scavengers such as falcons, eagles, hawks, and owls eat carcasses that could potentially spread disease. Some birds perform other unique cleaning jobs. These birds eat the parasites and bugs from between the teeth of other animals or off their backs.

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Get Humane Animal Removal Services

No matter how annoyed or frustrated you get with birds, please remember that they serve an important place in our world. You should choose a humane animal removal service. Animal Remover can perform humane catch and release, so you don’t have to deal with the birds or worry about what happens to them. Contact Animal Remover today to get started.

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