Chipmunk Wildlife Control: Signs of Damage

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If we’re being completely honest with ourselves, chipmunks aren’t the first threat we think of when we think about animals damaging our home. In terms of nuisance animals, we are much more likely to consider raccoons, moles, bats, or geese the likely culprit. Nonetheless, chipmunks can still cause serious damage to your property, costing you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in repairs down the road.

At Animal Remover, our wildlife control specialists can handle any kind of nuisance animal – even chipmunks. Although many homeowners would prefer to not deal with a chipmunk problem, doing nothing can result in serious damages.

Here are some ways chipmunks can cause damage to your home and surrounding property.

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Uprooting Bulbs of Plants

If there’s one thing chipmunks are fond of, it’s uprooting plant bulbs. In their constant search for food, chipmunks uproot the bulbs of plants to eat them. This results in unsightly gardens, messy dirt piles, and a never-ending battle that you’re likely to lose.

A professional animal removal company will be able to provide solutions that will protect your garden from chipmunk invasion.

Burrowing Beneath the Foundation of Your Home

Chipmunks rarely venture further than ⅓ miles from their burrows, which are most often located beneath some type of structural coverage. As it stands, your home is the perfect location at which to build their burrow. Chipmunks commonly build extensive burrows up to three feet below the foundation of a home, which can cause significant damage.

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Our wildlife control specialists can perform a property inspection to diagnose any foundational problems due to chipmunk burrowing.

Destroying Your Landscaping

It’s no secret that these little chubby creatures love food. Some of their favorites include corn, mushrooms, berries, nuts, and insects. Unfortunately, chipmunks will stop at nothing (including destroying your landscaping) to forage for these foods.

A professional wildlife control company like Animal Remover can help rid your property of these nuisance animals before they wreak havoc on your landscaping.

Leaving Holes All Over Your Yard

Chipmunks make it a habit to burrow which sometimes results in large holes forming in the ground. While you won’t find those large dirt mounds that moles typically create, these small holes can be unsightly and even dangerous.

If you’ve noticed small holes all over your yard, or even tripped and fallen because of them, don’t hesitate to call Animal Remover, a professional wildlife control company.

Wildlife Control Services for Chipmunks

Our team of highly trained wildlife control specialists will be happy to inspect your property to assess the damage and provide you with the appropriate solutions you need to take control of your property again.

Call Animal Remover today at 513-324-9453 for more information regarding our animal removal services.

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