Commercial Bird Removal & Control

Commercial Bird Removal & Control in Cincinnati

At Animal Remover we provide a wide array of solutions for businesses, commercial properties, and municipalities when it comes to bird removal and keeping pest birds like pigeons, starling, crows, and sparrows away. We provide non- lethal, safe, and humane methods for removing these nuisance birds and solutions for keeping them away in the future.

Below are the most common species of pest birds we control/remove:

Mostly these bird removal solutions are out of sight and out of mind. They may involve installing bird spikes to keep pigeons from nesting on a sign. Or they may involve installing bird netting in an airport hangar to keep sparrows from nesting in the rafters of the ceiling.

We offer a wide selection of humane, effective, and cost effective solutions and products to suit your needs. Call us today so that we can develop a customer bird management solution for you we offer free no obligation commercial bird removal inspections.

Birds are responsible for billions of dollars in property damage each year. We can help to reduce your annual maintenance budget exponentially.

Commercial Bird Netting

We provide custom installed bird netting and hardware to suit any commercial bird problem.

Commercial Bird Spikes

Bird spikes available in stainless steel and polycarbonate can be installed on any ledge, peak, pike, or roof top to keep birds away.

Commercial Bird Jolt Flat Track

We offer humane bird jolt flat track and shock track to keep pest birds from landing on signs, roof tops, ledges, and peaks.

Commercial Sign Maintenance

Sign maintenance and bird dropping clean up/Sanitizing available.

Commercial Bird Proof Bathroom & Dryer Vents

Commercial Animal-Proof Dryer Vents.

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