Commercial Rodent Control

Commercial Rodent Control in Cincinnati

At Animal Remover LLC we are here to fulfill your commercial rodent control needs. Whether it’s mice, rats, or other rodents that are invading your business, we are here to help. Our wildlife control specialists are expertly trained in all aspects of commercial rodent control to serve your needs. We provide safe and humane commercial rodent control programs at a competitive price. We can custom tailor any of the commercial rodent control programs we offer to suit your property.

  • Free Estimates
  • Complete and thorough inspections
  • 3 year and lifetime warranties are available on repairs
  • 24 hour emergency service available
  • Specialists always arrive in a labeled service vehicle and a neat clean uniform
  • Specialists undergo national background checks prior to employment

The key to a successful commercial rodent control program is by following our 5 step process. We can provide you with a one-time rodent control service or if needed, you can take advantage of our quarterly service program where we service your property four times a year. If you have an extensive ongoing rodent issue, Animal Remover can provide monthly service. See a list of our commercial rodent control programs below.

  1. Inspection – Our rodent wildlife control specialist will come to your facility and perform a thorough inspection. This includes but is not limited to inspecting the roof, basement, interior, utility rooms, foundation, crawl spaces, exterior, exc. The rodent specialist will inspect for signs of rodent activity like droppings, grease marks, damage to electrical wires, damage to insulation, and products that may have been contaminated by rodents.
  2. Trapping -The rodent specialist will monitor activity to see how extensive the rodent population is. We will set traps in numerous areas to monitor all rodent activity.
  3. Exclusion -The rodent specialist will provide you with an Animal Intrusion Worksheet. This report will detail all the rodent entry points on the structure and any cleanup that is needed. Upon your approval, the rodent specialist will seal up these entry points to keep the rodents out for the future. Some repairs include lifetime warranties.
  4. Baiting -The rodent specialist will recommend installing bait stations around the premises to control the rodent population. The bait that we use in our bait stations is designed to give the rodents a lethal dose of bait in one feeding. This works especially well for controlling current rodent populations and preventing future rodent populations from progressing.
  5. Monitoring –We have three different monitoring packages available.

Our Silver Package is a requested one time treatment. This package is designed for the customer who occasionally encounters rodents on their property. 

Our Gold Package is a quarterly treatment where our rodent specialist will visit the property four times a year to re-bait stations and monitor activity. This package is designed for the customer who may have had a rodent issue in the past and wants to prevent it from happening again in the future. 

Our Platinum Package is an ongoing monthly treatment. With this commercial rodent control package, a rodent specialist will visit the property monthly to re-bait stations and to monitor activity. The platinum package is best suited for businesses that are required by law to have rodent control programs. The platinum package is also a great option for large commercial facilities or for any size of facility that produces food.

Reduce your Commercial Rodent Control Maintenance Budget!

Many people are not aware of the massive amount of damage that rodents can do to your property. Rodents will soil food, degrade water quality, chew on electrical wires, defecate and urinate in numerous places, and if nothing is done the rodents will continue to populate and will be much harder to control in the future. We can take over an existing account and maintain current rodent traps and bait stations that are currently installed at your facility or we can develop a new commercial rodent control program to suit your needs. All of our permanent repairs include a 3 year animal exclusion warranty. With our rodent control programs we can stop the damage and prevent it from reoccurring.

No matter what business you’re in we can solve your rodent problems!

  • Restaurant Rodent Control
  • Food Processing Rodent Control
  • Hotel Rodent Control
  • Office Rodent Control
  • Bar Rodent Control
  • Pet Food Manufacturing Rodent Control
  • Airport Rodent Control
  • Hospital Rodent Control
  • School Rodent Control
  • Grocery Store Rodent Control
  • Apartment Rodent Control
  • Beverage Processing Rodent Control
  • Government Rodent Control
  • Church Rodent Control
  • Theme Park Rodent Control
  • Retail Store Rodent Control

Multi-Facility Business Programs

Does your business have multiple locations? Animal Remover LLC is the preferred rodent control service professional for a number of major national brands. We offer discounts based on how many locations you need to be serviced. We service hundreds of multi-facility companies in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. Call today at (513) 324-WILD.

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