Wildlife Control: Most Common Summer Nuisance Animals

Wildlife control for groundhog in yard

It’s summertime in Southwest Ohio, which means sunny skies, pool parties, and barbecues. It’s the time of year when everybody gets together to enjoy the nice weather with family and friends. Unfortunately, we’re not the only ones enjoying the heat. 

Summer brings out many of the pests, which results in many phone calls from home and business owners to Animal Remover in the hopes of a humane solution to wildlife control. This influx in animal activity can be due to a number of reasons: an abundance of fresh vegetation in gardens, the smell of leftover food and garbage intensified by the heat. Animals also love the overall comfort of the season compared to the cold and rain. 

Here are a few culprits you may need to watch out for this season.


Groundhogs are hibernating creatures; they eat their fill of food during the autumn months in order to fatten up for a long winter’s sleep. Following hibernation, they come out of their dens in hopes of finding food and water. When summer comes around, they seek out potential mates. During this time, groundhogs burrow tunnels, which can cause problems for homeowners. These tunnels often destroy property and can even damage the foundation of the house.

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Groundhogs are active during the day and rest at night. Due to the lengthened time of days during summer months, these furry creatures have even more time to wreak havoc on your property.


Groundhogs aren’t the only creatures causing wildlife control issues in the summer; raccoons also come out to play in full force. The heat that arrives in the summer tends to intensify the smell of food and garbage and this creates an irresistible call to furry bandits across the state. Summer is the prime time to discover knocked over bins and scraps of garbage across neighborhood lawns.


Surprisingly, snakes aren’t fans of the intense heat that arrives during summertime, but they do enjoy the early mornings and evenings of the season; they appreciate cool and light environments. They dislike the hotter portions of the day, which acts as a reprieve for those who like to spend time gardening and working on the lawn. However, snakes still pose a threat to homeowners.

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When the sun is too high and too hot for snakes to slither around comfortably, they will try to find a cool place to hide out to avoid being scorched. Unfortunately, one popular hiding place often ends up being a basement, and if it’s your basement, you may find yourself in need of wildlife control services. If there are any holes in your foundation or siding, a snake is sure to find it. While they can’t climb the exterior of your house, you’d be surprised to see just how high up in your home a snake can maneuver itself.

Animal Remover Wildlife Control Services

If you or someone you know has encountered problems with any of the above-mentioned animals, please contact Animal Remover today. We want to help you with any other pests that have made themselves at home on your property. Our wildlife control services are fast and humane. We always put the safety of our clients and the safety of the animals first. If you’re struggling with summer pests, let Animal Remover help you with your wildlife control needs.