Dead Animal Removal: 2 Signs There is a Dead Animal in Your Home

Woman holding dead mouse in need for dead animal removal

It happens all the time, and most of us don’t bat an eye. A giant, hairy spider glides down its web while you’re in the garage. You find the nearest blunt object and smash two, three times for good measure. You slap that pesky mosquito when he lands on your arm. We hardly notice these dead animals, and there is no real need for dead animal removal. We need a napkin at best or flush of the toilet at best. But, a larger animal might call for more serious dead animal removal techniques. In today’s blog, we help you determine whether there is a dead animal in your home, and what you can do about it.

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Sign Number 1: The Scent

Though we cannot exactly describe what death smells like, you will probably recognize it when you smell it. If you are unsure if that decomposing smell is a rodent or another problem animal needing dead animal removal, then take out the trash and check your refrigerator for spoiled food. If the smell persists, then you know something is up.

Sign Number 2: The Sights

This may come as simply one sign or even no signs, but you will probably find some sort of visual clue. The most likely clue, especially in summer, will come in the form of flies. You will see an influx of flies, and you might even be able to track them to the source if the animal died in your walls.

The second sign, depending on the size of the animal, would be a wet spot in the wall or on the ceiling. All dead animals at some point reach the point of putrefaction in the decomposition process. This stage of decomposition liquifies the organs. Liquification of a large animal or an animal resting against a wall might show as a wet spot.

What Should You Do?

If you can follow the visual signs to the carcass, you could theoretically try to remove the dead animal yourself. The experts at animal remover do not recommend you do that, though. For one, it might not be easy for you to tell exactly where the dead animal rests. An expert can more accurately pinpoint the location and tear out a minimal amount of drywall to retrieve the animal. Second of all, it can be a hazard to your health. You do not want to be near that decomposing flesh and putrefaction.

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Call Our Dead Animal Removal Services

The safest, least nauseating, and simplest solution is to call our Animal Remover team for dead animal removal service. Our dead animal removal team will know how to locate the carcass and retrieve it quickly and efficiently. If you think you have a dead animal in your home, call us immediately.