Debunking Skunk Odor Removal Myths With Animal Remover

Skunk odor myths from Animal Remover

Dealing with skunk smell is no easy task. Whether it’s your fur baby that encountered the skunk or you were the unfortunate one who got sprayed, you’re going to be in search of a way to get rid of the rancid smell. There is no shortage of old wives’ tales that you could waste your time on, trying to get rid of the odor, but few actually have any real power when combating one of the strongest stenches known to man. Today, Animal Remover tackles a few of the most common myths.

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An Immediate Shower

While your initial instinct after being sprayed by a skunk may be to jump in the shower, do not try to rinse the smell immediately. Skunk spray is oil based, so water won’t wipe it off. If a shower accomplishes anything, it will most likely be smearing the smell onto previously unaffected areas of your body and causing your bathroom to smell like the skunk was trapped in there.

Tomato Juice or Citrus Bath

The most common “cure” recommended is one that TV and movies have perpetuated— a bath in tomato juice or some sort of citrus juice to eliminate the odor. This one may have a temporary effect, but it’s more on your senses than on the horrendous musk.

This myth sort of works is a smoke-and-mirrors approach. Your sense of smell is overworked and overwhelmed after you get sprayed. Your nose, consequently, will react to the acidic smell by ceasing to smell the skunk odor and smelling the tomato juice or citrus. You may not smell it anymore, but others will.

Masking the Smell

Some will tell you that the right combination of Febreze, perfume and deodorant will help relieve the skunk smell. It simply will not. This will only create a potluck of smells that will continue to be overwhelming.

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What Does Work?

The most effective antidotes are those that neutralize the ingredients of the spray by changing them into different, nonodorous compounds. Different species of skunks have different compositions, but the major oxidizing agents such as hydrogen peroxide and baking soda will help neutralize the smell on people or animals. Bleach is a great alternative when trying to eliminate the smell from furniture or other surfaces.

Be cautious when—and if—you consider a commercial skunk odor remover. Not all are meant for living beings. Be sure to do your research and make sure that the removal methods you try are safe, and remember that the safest way to smell good is to avoid an encounter with a skunk. Hire Animal Remover and let the wildlife control professionals come and handle your animal removal so you’re not stuck with the rancid repercussions of letting it get out of hand.

Let Animal Remover Help with Your Skunk Problem

If you have an issue with skunks living around your home in the Cincinnati area, Animal Remover can help! Our experienced animal removal specialists will remove the skunks humanely and efficiently, reducing your need for the above smell reducing methods. For more information about the Animal Remover company and the services we provide, check out the Animal Remover website today!