Deter Opossums Before Animal Removal Becomes Necessary

Animal Removal Is Needed for This Opossum

When it comes to keeping your lawn and home safe from nuisance animals, you should worry about quite a few animals before you worry about opossums. Moles, raccoons, gophers, snakes, skunks, and squirrels will cause a lot more problems for your home, your lawn, or your fur babies than most opossums. Sometimes, however, an opossum will cause a real nuisance, and you will need to call for an animal removal service. Let’s take a look at what might force you to need animal removal for opossums, and how to keep them from your property, to begin with.

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How to Keep Opossums from Your Property

Limit Food Options

Like many other nuisance animals that call for animal removal, opossums love free food and lodging. You can go a long way toward keeping your home and yard free of opossums by limiting the amount of food they can eat. Keep trash in your garage or in a trash can with a secure lid. You should also keep pet food indoors. If you have outdoor four-legged family members, then feed them only during the day and bring their food in at night. If you have trees in their yard, keep the fruit and nuts off the ground. Once fruit falls, pick them up. Opossums will come through and eat the fruit from your lawn. If you can keep food away from them, then you will have less of a need for animal removal.

Deter Them from Hiding and Living on Your Property

If you can keep opossums from the lawn, then you limit their ability to get into your trash or burrow under your home. Any type of fence will deter opossums as long as it begins a foot beneath the ground since opossums will dig underneath it. If you find them nesting under your shed or deck, then you can extend fencing from the bottom of your deck to the ground. They will look for an easier place to make their home. Adding motion sensor lighting to your yard will also deter them. Opossums are nocturnal, and they will not like staying in a well-lit area.

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Get Animal Removal Today

When it comes to nuisance animals, opossums are less common than most. You are more likely to find raccoons, squirrels, and moles destroying your yard or your attic. But if you find an opossum damaging your property, do not hesitate to contact Animal Remover for our opossum animal removal service. You can contact Animal Remover online to begin the process of a humane trap and release.