DIY Rat Removal Problems

DIY rat removal for solitary rat

If you realize you have a rat problem, you are probably overwhelmed. In this age of Google, Wikipedia, and Pinterest, you might feel empowered to do a little research and find a way to get rid of the dirty rodents yourself. Before you turn into an enthusiastic exterminator, you should consider the drawbacks of handling it yourself. Your DIY rat removal just may not be as advantageous as you hoped.

The Risk

When dealing with rodents that carry disease, you can’t be too careful. Rat bites and scratches can result in diseases, including rabies or rat-bite fever. You may have a plan to avoid being bitten or scratched, but without experience, you can’t be certain that you are prepared to avoid contact.

Contact with the rat itself is not the only way that disease spreads. Coming into contact with rat urine can lead to serious diseases that cause liver and kidney damage. Some diseases can even be transmitted through inhalation, causing cardiovascular problems or renal liver failure.

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You can be cautious, but unless you have a Hazmat suit handy, you probably aren’t fully equipped to get so closely involved with the animal removal process. Animal Remover’s rat removal professionals are trained to safely extract the rats so you can remain healthy and safe, handling the dangerous work so that you don’t have to.

The Hassle of DIY Rat Removal

Your DIY recipe for rat removal may break the process down into a simple list, but the truth is, a lot of work goes into rat removal. From the act of actually trapping or extracting the rats to cleaning up the debris, repairing the damage, and trying to seal them out for good, the animal removal process is not a quick and easy one.

Animal Remover takes great pride in using experience and expertise to handle your animal removal as quickly and comprehensively as possible—and even we recognize that it’s a big job. For someone without the experience, this will be a large undertaking—probably much bigger, messier and all-encompassing than you planned.

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Maximum Effort, Minimum Efficiency

Whether it’s a recipe, a home project or a craft, there is no shortage of Pinterest fails to humble the overzealous DIY-er. You can read the “How-To” article 10 times and feel fully prepared, but without experience preparing you for each variable, your animal removal efforts may fall short. You may catch one rat, or even a few, but unknowingly leave more.

You may even get most of the rats out of the house, but unless you’ve figured out where they’re coming in and taken the proper preventative action, your rodents will return. Animal Remover professionals are seasoned experts who can thoroughly handle your rat removal, from the extraction to handling the aftermath and prevention services. Contact Animal Remover today to schedule an appointment.

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