Do You Need Vole, Gopher or Mole Animal Removal?

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When you think of tunneling, furry creatures that destroy your lawn, you probably think of moles. However, there are plenty of other small animals that also destroy your lawn and call for animal removal. You should try to identify the type of animal wreaking havoc on your lawn before you set out to trap them or hire a service for animal removal. If you want to try animal removal on your own—something we do not advise—identifying the nuisance animal will save you time and money. We cannot trap these animals in the same manner. Each one requires a different trapping method, so identifying the right animal will save us time and get your lawn looking great sooner.


Most people know about moles. In fact, most people think moles are so common that they mistake voles, gophers, and shrews for moles. Not every tunnel or track of dirt through your lawn is a mole, but it is a good first guess. If you ever happen to see the animal itself, you can identify a mole by its unique facial features. You can’t see their eyes or ears. Only their nose and mouth are visible outside their fur. They also have large front feet used for digging.

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Moles dig tunnels just beneath the surface, and you can feel these tunnels when you walk across your lawn. The soil will sink beneath your feet when you step on a mole hole. You can also identify your intruder as a mole if you see large, conical mounds of dirt throughout your yard. Moles push the dirt out of their tunnel and onto your lawn, creating circular dirt piles.


Gophers look similar to groundhogs. You can see their eyes and their ears poking from their fur. They have short brown hair, small but noticeable ears, and small eyes. They are less stocky than moles and don’t have the large, shovel-like claws for digging.

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Gopher holes look different from mole holes as well. Most gophers dig further beneath the surface than moles, so you may not feel your feet sink into the soil as much. Gophers also created crescent-shaped mounds instead of conical mounds. Whereas you can see a mole’s hole through in the mound, gophers plug their hole with dirt. Gophers eat vegetation and moles eat worms and insects, so animal removal looks slightly different for these two animals.


Voles look more like mice than either of the other two nuisance animals. In fact, people commonly refer to them as field mice. They have larger ears and distinctly visible eyes and whiskers.

Voles do not tunnel themselves. They use abandoned gopher and mole tunnels, but they will sometimes alter the look of the holes leading to the tunnels. Voles tend to keep the tunnels looking clean and unplugged. You can best identify a vole by the beaten tracks they leave behind above the ground. These beaten paths will cut through the grass, and you will see lines of bare soil zigzagging through your lawn.

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If you have a nuisance animal destroying your lawn or garden, then you should get an animal removal service. Animal Remover can take care of the animals ruining your beautiful lawn. Contact Animal Remover today to keep your yard looking beautiful.

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