Don’t Block Holes Before Calling for Squirrel Removal

Squirrel Removal Would Patch This Attic Hole

Squirrels come into your home and build nests. They squeeze in and out of holes in your attic and walls to collect food. Maybe you discover squirrels when you see them on your roof or notice the hole in your wall. Now that you’ve discovered the squirrels in your attic or living space, what do you do? You should call a professional squirrel removal service to come take the squirrel from your home. Some people, however, believe plugging the squirrels hole into their home will do the trick.

Why You Shouldn’t Seal Squirrel Holes

You might think it a good choice to block a squirrels path back into your home, but you must keep a few things in mind before you commit to such a decision. First, this squirrel made a home in your house, and it got into your home easily the first time. Second, you might trap the squirrel in your home as opposed to keeping it out. Squirrel removal with Animal Remover gives you a safer option. Our squirrel removal professionals know how to safely trap and remove squirrels from your home.

Option 1: Blocking a Squirrel from Your Home

You might think this the perfect solution. The squirrel made its way into your home, and now you have prevented this same squirrel from returning. You may have underestimated this squirrel. Imagine someone barring you from the place you have called home. Wouldn’t you do everything in your power to get back in? Now, let’s imagine nature equipped you with large teeth made for biting through nuts and gnawing through wood. Do you think a sealed hole would stop you?

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If you locked out a mother squirrel, this situation only becomes more intense. Squirrels have extremely strong teeth and can easily bite and chew their ways through the walls of your attic. You will find a new hole before you know it. If a mother needs to get to her babies, you might find more damage than you otherwise would, just for trying to keep her out.

Option 2: Trapping a Squirrel Inside

Unless your attic happens to offer a perfectly balanced squirrel diet, a trapped squirrel will die unless it can get into your living area. The more desperate a squirrel becomes, the more likely it is to bite and chew at anything it sees. Those teeth do a lot of damage. Squirrels looking for a way out of homes can chew through wires, damaging electrical systems, frying surge protectors, and destroying pricey electronics.

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Sad as it is, most of these trapped squirrels end up starving to death inside your home. They don’t always die in convenient places either. They die in your or between your attic and ceiling. It will take around two weeks before you start to smell anything. In most situations, people struggle to find their bodies without cutting into ceilings and walls in multiple places.

Avoid the Trouble with Squirrel Removal from Animal Remover

Animal Remover provides ecological and humane wildlife control solution to nuisance animal problems. If you find a hole in your attic and believe a squirrel burrowed into your home, call us for squirrel removal. Our squirrel removal experts will trap and remove this nuisance. We will also help you fix your home to ensure no more squirrels make their ways inside. Contact Animal Remover today for proper squirrel removal.

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