Raccoon Removal Tips: How to Raccoon-Proof Your Deck or Porch

raccoon removal for raccoons on deck

Among the most common of nuisance animals, raccoons can be highly destructive and potentially dangerous. They are notorious for rifling through dumpsters and knocking over garbage cans. They carry a number of parasites and diseases that can be harmful to humans and your furry family. If raccoons manage to infiltrate your porch, attic, chimney or any other part of your home, the structural damage can be devastating, and once they decide your property is comfortable, good luck getting rid of them without the help of a raccoon removal specialist. Here are some quick tips from Animal Remover for keeping raccoons from taking up residence under your porch or deck.

Raccoon Removal Advice From the Professionals

Any raccoon removal specialist will warn you against leaving bowls of food and water on the porch or deck for your four-legged family members. Raccoons are always on the prowl for food and water sources, so moving them to a safe location inside your garage or house is an obvious raccoon deterrent.

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Raccoons are nocturnal creatures, meaning they are most active after dusk and through the night. Generally, they avoid daylight, preferring instead to sleep. By installing motion-activated flood lights on or near your porch or deck, it will unnerve the raccoons and make them less likely to den there. Raccoon removal specialists would consider this a method of exclusion.

For the most part, raccoons are scared of humans. Raccoons have earned the reputation of being shrewd and daring, but they would still rather avoid people if given a choice. Try leaving a radio on your porch or deck, preferably set to a talk station. Raccoons will hear the human voices and become less eager to build their dens underneath. Ultrasonic sound emitters are rumored to produce a similar result, but raccoon removal experts generally dismiss these products as marketing gimmicks that have no deterrent effect.

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DIY Solutions Don’t Work

On a related note, don’t waste your money on so-called miracle sprays or powders. They may claim to keep raccoons away from your porch or deck, but that is most likely not the case. There is not currently an effective repellant on the market, which is why you’ll need the raccoon removal services offered by a wildlife control company like Animal Remover.

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Raccoons are extremely adaptable and perfectly comfortable living in an urban environment. If the above tactics aren’t enough to discourage them from denning under your porch or deck, or worse, if they’ve managed to infiltrate your attic or chimney, it’s time to call in the raccoon removal professionals from Animal Remover. Our licensed technicians will conduct an in-depth property inspection, clean the mess, make repairs, eradicate the masked intruders and ensure they can never come back.