Fox Removal and Control

Fox in garden

If you have a fox or a family of foxes (also known as a skulk) living in your ditch, under your deck, porch, shed, or patio, your family’s small animals may be in danger. Foxes can smell prey such as small mammals from a far distance which makes these predators very dangerous. They can also cause property damage depending on where they choose to den. Let the wildlife experts at Animal Remover help get them off your property.

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Fox Nuisance Concerns

Foxes are classified as a nuisance animal species due to their habits of scavenging for food in urban areas, threatening domestic animals, feeding on livestock, and living under porches, patios, sheds, and decks. The most common fox complaints include foxes killing chickens, stealing pet food, and frightening your four-legged family members. 

Since foxes are opportunistic scavengers, they can often come into conflict with people. It’s much easier for foxes to target chickens in a chicken house than other animals they may hunt. In the wild they usually eat large insects, snakes, small rodents, pet food, and garbage.

Fox Behavior

The fox is a predatory species of canine weighing in at about 5-14 lbs and reaching lengths of 21-29 inches. They mate from February-March and after a 53-day gestation period, 4-5 kits will be born in April-May that can live 6-8 years in the wild.

Foxes are dangerous, so you should never feed a fox or try to pet a fox. They are possible carriers of rabies and a bite can cause an infection. Call Animal Remover right away if you find a fox on your property.

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Fox Removal from Animal Remover, LLC

Trapping, habitat modification, and exclusion are the only proven methods for fox removal. Foxes will not respond to repellents, strobe lights, music, mothballs, or ammonia. The most effective removal methods are live traps, snares, or paw holds.

Our Animal Remover wildlife experts provide safe, humane, reliable, and effective fox removal, trapping, control, and exclusion. We will remove the threat so that you and your animals can live in peace. We use the most up to date fox removal equipment and techniques to take care of your problem.

Call Animal Remover today to make an appointment so that we can help remove the fox living on your property. Give us a call today at 513-324-9453 for a quote or contact us online.

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